By Private Profile 24342d0d on 2021-09-30 10:20 in Summer 2021 Guided Tour

Tasks Accomplished:

1)      Issue Fixing:

So far by these 2 weeks done a lot of work after a break of one week. My mentor Patrick Jackson gone through my PR pull #5(guided-tour), done the installation, and made around 17-18 issues on the Project repo page. Majority of the issues were of MVC Component polishing. Issues Solved:

·        Wrapper incorrectly configured - double scroll bar as a result #11

·        Dropdown on Joomla button toolbar does not dropdown. #12

·        Search filter dropdown not indicating selected search + not all options listed. #15

·        Component Menu improvement #16

·        Field descriptions needed #10

·        Tour Published state not correct #25

·        Installer: guidedtours.xml - remove Menu and Submenu; Fix other Banners related code. #24

·        Improve Search flexibility: Add ability to search ID and DESCRIPTION fields on tours and steps #13

·        Incorrect Label for selector #9

·        Status not correct on List of Tours #14

·        Steps: Various Issues #18

Some minor issues/ which are not that technical are still remaining, will try to finish them by the end of the second evaluation.

2)     Code Cleaning:

Code cleaning was the important part over here. Cause that leads to the good quality of the code. I always use Joomla Coding Standards before committing the code, so this ain't a big issue here. Benjamin shared this in the starting only to set up the Joomla Coding Standards environment in my local environment machine.

Used this to set up the environment, and usually use this command. /libraries/vendor/bin/phpcs --extensions=php -p --standard=libraries/vendor/joomla/cms-coding-standards/lib/Joomla-CMS . to apply the Joomla Specific Coding Standards.

3)     Documentation Writing:

Wrote a temporary documentation for the 3rd party developers/users about how to use guided-tours in short. Will add the details are perfection by next week.

Pull Request: