The SWOT Team is a sub-team of, and reports to, the Marketing Working Group. There have been several "Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats" projects over the years. The latest one was launched by Chris Nielsen in January 2014 and it presented it's top-level findings in October, 2014. The team is discussing continuing with product-level analysis in 2015. This cross-functional team includes members of the Marketing Working Group plus representatives from other leadership teams and working groups.
Marketing & Communication
Parent Team
Marketing Team
Date Started
January 2014
Date Ended
December 2015
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended Sarah Watz Sweden Nov 2014 Dec 2015 Ruth Cheesley United Kingdom Aug 2014 Dec 2015 Rod Martin United States Member Aug 2014 Dec 2015 Parth Lawate India Aug 2014 Dec 2015 John Coonen United States Team Leader Chief Wordsmith Jun 2014 Dec 2015 Joe Sonne Canada Member Aug 2014 Dec 2015 Jessica Dunbar PLT Liaison The Client (Marketing Team Lead) Jan 2014 Dec 2015 Duke Speer United States Team Leader - Chief Spreadsheet Wrangler Jan 2014 Dec 2015 David Hurley Jul 2014 Dec 2015 Christopher Nielsen Team Leader Founding Cat Herder of 2014 SWOT Jan 2014 Dec 2015 Chiara Aliotta Greece Member Visual Design Wizard Oct 2014 Dec 2015

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