By Isidro Baquero on 2016-11-27 20:32 in Template Directory Team

A JTD Team Meeting was held on 26 November 2016. In attendance were Sigrid Suski, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Radek Suski and Isidro Baquero.


Isidro Baquero was unanimously selected as the team lead. Everyone agreed on Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall to be the assistant team lead.


We discussed about ways to monetise the Directory to generate incomes for the Joomla Project. Did some brainstorming about this, and we'll analyse the proposed solutions in the next weeks.

We also discussed about eventual license limitations for the tempaltes that will be listed. We agreed that we may need to allow other licenses than GPL (as templates are different to extensions), but the PHP part must be GPL (as per Joomla GPL license), and also we will highlight good free fully GPL templates.

We agreed that we'll need to implement some kind of helpdesk to manage support in the directory.

Radek will contact Michael Babker about setting up a hosting environment to develop the directory.

We created a shared folder for working together, and added all previous documentation from JTD team (since 2011). We'll analyse it and create uo to date working documents.

We agreed that we won't need a call for volunteers right now. We'll work in setting up a plan for this project, and once we start working on it, we'll call for volunteers as the project needs new profiles for specific tasks. Once we have the directory built, we'll make a general call for volunteers for listing managers (approval, edition, support).