By Luca Marzo on 2020-05-30 17:30 in Trademark & Licensing Team

Interdepartmental communication
We have agreed that all Departments that deal with Joomla name sites, such as JUG, JED, Events and JRD, will advise applicants to contact TM for approval and not list sites unless TM approval can be proven. The TM team will not chase applicants to register. It is the applicant responsibility to apply for a license.

Policy and website clarification
Document prepared for Board approval. The wording on the website will be reviewed to ensure clearer understanding.

Outstanding tickets
Some tickets have failed to auto close, these are mostly enquiries for a license where ones is not needed. We will be manually checking and closing as needed.

Due to other commitments long standing member Jenn Gress has resigned from the team but will stay as a contributor.
We wish her many happy hours of rest and thank her for her input.

We now have vacancies on the team for various roles. Please see the team page and apply.