By Private Profile ca8a843b on 2015-01-29 00:00 in Trademark & Licensing Team


Jennifer Gress, Crystal Harris, Victor Drover




On 12-Jan-2015, the member of the Trademark team met for approximately 1 hour to discuss the status of the new trademark website. 

The attendees expressed some concern about communication levels with the trademark website, but proceeded to bring Victor (OSM Liason) up to speed on the progress of the site. 

Much of the discussion centered around the minimum amount of content required to launch, and well how best to centralize trademark and licensing information across all the Joomla properties.

Action items:

  1. Victor will try to work on improving communication.
  2. Jenn will send Victor links to the existing copy. Victor will review with Duke.
  3. Crystal will complete the site layout.
  4. Victor will set a meeting with Joomlers who process trademark and licensing applications to get a full understanding of the processes and workflows.