By Luca Marzo on 2017-08-15 14:23 in Trademark & Licensing Team

This report is to announce the progress of Trademark & Licensing Team, no meeting has been held today.

Progress & Achievements

  • Jenn Gress and Deb Cinkus are draining down the Ticket queue, processing all the open tickets.
  • 3 volunteers applied after the Call for Volunteers.
  • Subodh Mahant, Ugur Uygur and Claire Mandville have been onboarded as Contributors to the Trademark & Licensing Team.
  • New members are being trained and are reviewing the Trademark material, including the Brand Manual.
  • Claire has an extended knowledge on TM since she was in charge as leader for TM in the past. She's sharing lot of suggestions and helping members in training with TM rules.
  • Claire and Luca are working to setup a clear framework to deal with trademark/domain requests.
  • A new trademark audit form is under construction to allow members to properly analyze domain name requests and keep records without spending too much effort on that.
  • The call for volunteers will be open, so new volunteers are welcome to join us in this rebuilding process!