By Claire Mandville on 2019-03-15 16:45 in Trademark & Licensing Team

Meeting notes

  • gTLD/ccTLD clarification Meeting. A meeting was held prior to the general TM meeting and discussion leading to the creation of a new clearer policy document now published at with examples. Proof of the date of registration and the actual contact person not company will be requested.
  • Fan Art rules. Fan art that in any way resembles the 4J logo must be registered and approved.
  • Take Downs/C&D. The team has had several success in the stoppage of websites that are not conveying the values and ethos of the brand. The team feel that unauthorised hosting of 3rd party extensions of the developer but the team will assisit the developer in any way they can. They will concentrate on brand violations.
  • Tickets allocation. The ticket system is having issues with ticket allocation and this will be investigated.
  • Recruitment The trademark team is always on the look out for new members from any background with a willingness to donate a few hours per week to the project.

AOB. Items discussed fell under the terms of the NDA.