By Jacques Rentzke on 2015-04-09 12:59 in Update Working Group

Minutes from Update Working Group Meeting of 1 March 2015

In attendance: Tom Hutchison, Jacques Rentzke, Connie Lippert, Dan Cruson, Rishi Vishwakarma, Kathleen Watson, Shirat Goldstein, Mike Veekmans (briefly - he is very ill), Jenn Gress

Thank you to the team

Jacques Rentzke starts off the meeting by again thanking everyone who helped and/or provided input, for the Joomla 2.5 migration pages, the update notification plugin and the marketing around the 2.5 EOS and migration tools/advice that's available.

Update/Migration articles for the JCM

Jenn Gress opens the discussion on the idea of a Special Edition of the JCM that would feature migration and update-related articles. She shares earlier comments by Patrick Jackson about the status of this. Connie Lippert is willing to organize it, but says that we need writers. Kathleen Watson volunteers to help review material. Jennifer created an ideas doc. Dan Cruson comments that he likes the suggestion to spread migration-related articles through the regular magazine editions, to keep the topic fresh in everyone’s mind.

After some discussion the consensus is to rather campaign to get authors to write migration related articles for the regular magazine.

Joomla! 1.0 to 1.5 guide

Jenn provides an update on the 1.0 to 1.5 migration page that she and Leo Lammerink is working on. It’s almost finished. A few questions have to be sorted out, and then it will come to the the group for review. Connie offers help with editing.

Google mobile-friendly campaign

Jacques introduces a new topic: the Google Mobile-Friendly campaign. Google announced that from April 2015 mobile-friendly will become a search ranking-factor. They have provided a test site where webmasters can test if their sites are mobile-friendly. If the site is detected as a Joomla site, the result page then links to pages. Some on the wiki.

This campaign could fit in with your update/upgrade message, and Marketing around it. We however need to check that the pages that they link to have the correct/best information.

Tom Hutchison comments that we either need to ask Google to update the links, or we need to update the content on some of those links.

Tom mentions that updates to our content are not in sync. He suggests a sub-team, with attention to detail skills, that could keep our content updated.

Tom tables a discussion related to web hosts until our next meeting.

Decisions taken at meeting

  1. Connie Lippert draft something to find authors for the magazine
  2. Jennifer Gress will follow up with Leo on the 1.0 to 1.5 documentation
  3. Tom Hutchison will check with Jessica (marketing) about the Google mobile-friendly campaign.