The Joomla User Experience (JUX) Working Group is focused on improving the Joomla User Experience. This includes all aspects of the Joomla CMS platform and community resources. We encourage all contributors to get involved and we welcome feedback from all Joomla users.

Joomler Position Role Date Started
422a_cliff-pfeifer.jpg Cliff Pfeifer Team Leader Leadership Jul 2015
991e_britta-stender.jpg Britta Stender Assistant Team Leader Leadership Dec 2016
dawn-russell.jpg Dawn Russell Assistant Team Leader Leadership Nov 2016
b3ab_brian-peat.jpg Brian Peat Member Apr 2016
8045_david-steadson.jpg David Steadson Member Leadership Nov 2016
544a_eric-fernance.jpg Eric Fernance Member Research Feb 2016
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson Member Liaison Jun 2016
fd77_niranjan-janardhana.png Niranjan Janardhana Contributor Feb 2016
f5fa_tony_partridge_mlt.jpg Tony Partridge Member Technical Dec 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
b4be_profilepic.jpg Crystal Harris Team Leader Jun 2015 Sep 2015
315c_christopher-raymond.jpg Christopher Raymond Member Research Feb 2016 Aug 2016
b4be_profilepic.jpg Crystal Harris Member Accessibility Dec 2016 Jan 2017
a29b_david-hurley.png David Hurley PLT Liaison Nov 2014 Jun 2015
77b9_david-lingard.png David Lingard Member Sep 2015 Aug 2016
0488_elisa-foltyn.jpg Elisa Foltyn Member Design Feb 2016 Aug 2016
jessica-dunbar.jpeg Jessica Dunbar PLT Liaison Jun 2015 Jan 2016
marco-dings.jpg Marco Dings Member Research Aug 2014 Aug 2016
5ecc_niels-braczek.jpg Niels Braczek Member Liaison Feb 2016 Aug 2016

Accessibility team (A11yTeam)

We are the team of Joomla! experts that also know how to advise, test and give recommendations around accessibility for other working groups and help give direction in regards to accessibility for the project.

Read more: Accessibility team


Responsible for JUX related accessibility tasks.

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Responsible for JUX related design tasks.


Responsible for team decisions, sub-team coordination, task assignments and new contributor onboarding.


Communicates details between the JUX team and other teams and efforts within the community.


Responsible for JUX related research tasks.


Responsible for JUX technical tasks such as maintaining and configuring JUX research platforms and testing installations, managing github issues and interactions, as well as general assistance with development related team tasks.

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JUX Leadership Meeting Feb 20th 2017

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2017-02-22 01:08 in User Experience Working Group

JUX Leadership Meeting, February 20th, 2017 19:00 UTC Attendees: Cliff Pfeifer Dawn Russell Britta Stender David Steadson Excused: Tony Partridge ( out of town on vacation ) Agenda: Team Administration Budget Annual budget proposal due in March, the sooner the better Need...

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JUX & J4 Meeting Feb. 16, 2017

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2017-02-16 23:45 in User Experience Working Group

Meeting Time: 21:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC Participants: Eric Fernance Charlie Lodder Brian Peat Cliff Pfeifer Dawn Russell Ciaran Walsh Excused: Britta Stender Agenda Items: Regroup & catch up Progress since London Design updates to backend template Review of concepts...

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JUX Progress Report Feb 13, 2017

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2017-02-13 23:02 in User Experience Working Group

This report is a summary of JUX Team activity for the past two weeks. Application Reviews and New Contributor Onboarding We received more than 40 applications from our call in Mid-January. We have followed up with them to let them know we received their applications and we still in the process...

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JUX Update & London Sprint Report

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2017-01-26 17:23 in User Experience Working Group

Happy new year from the JUX Team. We have been preparing for the London Sprint in the first weeks of 2017 while developing a comprehensive UX strategy for the Joomla platform and working on the various projects we have been tasked with.  The scope of work our team faces is enormous and it is...

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JUX Team Update December 13th 2016

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2016-12-13 22:31 in User Experience Working Group

This update is a summary of JUX Team activity over the past two weeks. Team News  The Transistion Team has officially concluded Cliff Pfeifer will remain as JUX Team Leader. We would like to thank the Transition Team for their time, effort and diligence in resolving this...

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JUX Meeting November 30th 2016

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2016-12-01 15:58 in User Experience Working Group

JUX Meeting November 30th 2016 Wednesday November 30nd 17:00 UTC Time Duration 1:00 Participants: Dawn Russell Rishi Vishwakarma Rich Starkie Niels Braczek Crystal Harris Cliff Pfeifer Charlie Lodder Brian Peat Armands Vijups Allon Moritz Elisa Foltyn Britta Stender Agenda Items...

Read more: JUX Meeting November 30th 2016

JUX Team Meeting Nov. 22 2016

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2016-11-23 02:09 in User Experience Working Group

JUX Meeting Agenda November 22nd Tuesday November 22nd 22:00 UTC Time   Participants: Cliff Pfeifer Dawn Russell Britta Stender Elisa Foltyn George Wilson Charlie Lodder Rishi Vishwakarma Tony Partridge Brian Peat Eric Fernance Agenda Items & Minutes: Meeting notes...

Read more: JUX Team Meeting Nov. 22 2016

JUX Meeting August 2nd 2016

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2016-08-03 00:00 in User Experience Working Group

JUX Meeting August 2nd 2016 Our meeting agenda can be found here: A video recording of the meeting can be found here: Meeting Recap: The meeting was 1:15...

Read more: JUX Meeting August 2nd 2016

JUX Meeting July 19th 2016

By Cliff Pfeifer on 2016-07-21 07:07 in User Experience Working Group

After a short break, we are back in action. This is our first meeting since JAB, which was a great event and the JUX team received much support and direction for the future. Now that J3.6 has been released, our new focus is gathering and implementing user feedback and research into Joomla...

Read more: JUX Meeting July 19th 2016

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The Joomla User Experience Team is looking for experienced Joomla users and UX professionals to help in various areas of the UX process for the Joomla platform. 

Role Information:

  • Research, test and gather feedback from Joomla users to better understand their goals, motivations and behaviors and create analysis reports for the community.
  • Develop strategies to transform user based goals into real world solutions which can be implemented into the Joomla core.
  • Collaborate with Joomla production teams and other areas of the community through designs, interactive prototypes and recommendations based on user research.


We are seeking people with backgrounds in UX, as well as specialists in various areas to assist with a number of different tasks relating to upcoming releases of the Joomla platform. 

Ideal JUX team member candidates:

  • Are able to commit time to the project consistently
  • Possess excellent communication and collaborative skills
  • Have high standards of quality with strong attention to detail
  • Have a flexible, friendly approach and a team oriented attitude
  • Are creative, conceptual and forward thinking
  • Are proactive, self-starting and motivated
  • Are empathetic, supportive and compassionate

Experience in one or more of these areas

  • User Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Interaction Design
  • Systematic Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Technical or Copy Writing
  • Accessibility
  • Experience with the Joomla platform is preferred but not necessary. All candidates should have knowledge of web and mobile technologies and experience with internet, graphic or UX design software.

2017 promises to be a big year for the Joomla platform and you can be part of it. If you are interested in contributing to the JUX Team please fill out the application below.

JUX Team Member Application

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