By Crystal Dionysopoulos on 2015-08-25 16:31 in User Experience Team

Jess is going to take notes.


  1. Team intros - who you are and where you are from

  2. Joomla! 4 Goals

    1. Marco - Joomla! 4 kick off happened at JAB from a technical perspective. UX is a very important piece of Joomla! 4. Improved UX can increase market share.

    2. Architecture sprint happened - brief overview of ideas from sprint

    3. George wants to note that this is a list of ideas from a technical perspective - if the UX team recommends something else based on our findings it is open for discussion

    4. Joomla! 4 Architecture model

    5. Lucas asked - any user testing or analytics?

      1. Jess - yes some on forums, we are looking at getting some additional data from forums

    6. Lucas - Do we have a user group to test on?

      1. Crystal - Not officially but there are people who have contacted me and are willing to do some user testing etc in their local community

    7. Ty - discuss on adding some additional tracking - why can’t we add anonymous tracking in Joomla?

      1. Marco - Privacy issues

    8. Jess - Do you have a priority of where you want the UX team to begin?

      1. Marco - No - UX can make the decisions

    9. Crystal - what defines success for Joomla! 4?

      1. Marco - acceptance from the users (integrators, builders, site owners) - marketing or UX is supposed to define

  3. Joomla! 4 Timeline

    1. No detailed timeline of deliverables yet

  4. Collaboration between teams

    1. Marco, George, Jess will attend UX meetings

    2. Crystal is in J4 chat

  5. UX Process & Workflow

    1. Architecture sprints happen about every 3 months

    2. Meetings? do we want weekly meetings bi-weekly meetings?

    3. Cliff - would like a task list and a way to collaborate,

    4. Lucas - Initial audit of the CMS?

    5. Soren - to start break into different groups (frontend, backend and templating) and look at interfaces maybe add in screenshots into a big doc

    6. Statistics

    7. Crystal - wants to focus on personas

    8. Personas & initial research first - Lucas will take the lead, team will split into different personas to work on them

  6. Assign Team Roles & Responsibilities

    1. After initial persona research, team will split into 4 subgroups:

      1. Installation & onboarding

      2. Front End Editing & workflows

      3. Default front end templates

      4. Back end interface & administration

    2. Each person will select a primary and secondary subgroup so we can support each other & make sure we’re on the same page

  7. Next meeting

    1. Set for 2 weeks from today, same time.

    2. We can meet in smaller groups before then if necessary