By Crystal Dionysopoulos on 2015-09-03 01:31 in User Experience Team

In attendance:

  • Crystal Harris
  • Cliff Pfeifer
  • Lucas Fairclough
  • Jessica Dunbar
  • Marco Dings
  • George Wilson

Crystal is taking notes.


Athens sprint update

  • Will likely only have a few people going to Athens for joint sprint with J4 architecture group. Rest can remote in.
  • Dates: October 10-12
  • Attendees: TBD, pending budget approval


Personas Update - Lucas

  • Interviewed 3 people, all of whom have been awesome and helpful
    • Started new templates for additional personas
    • Expert site builder is in progress
    • David did initial persona drafts
    • Meaningful personas will be built using this info & interviews
    • May also use volunteer focus group for research - TBD
    • How do we prioritize the information and suggestions found in these interviews and in feedback?
  • Next personas: content creator and novice site builder
  • A lot of things that need to be addressed with initial setup and workflows for people who are not as technical
  • Marco - do we have enough people interviewed for those personas?
    • Lucas - we have some recurring themes and good info from first interviews
  • Marco - knows some people who could be interviewed in the less technical personas - will see if they’re available
  • Goals: 
    • get interviews done
    • work on content creator persona
    • Whoever wants to help out, self-assign to sections on persona template 
    • Admin persona
  • Is there any other information we can get? Analytics, etc? Know there are limitations for the CMS re: privacy, but would be nice to review what we can get our hands on
  • Jess - can help with analytics by adding Lucas to GA, set up another meeting with Jess, Crystal has GA access as well


Templating System Ideas - Cliff

  • Doc is his opinion based on five years experience
  • Existing template system has a lot of features but nobody uses them
  • We are not taking advantage of what Joomla templating can do because people don’t know the concepts
  • There are things that we can learn from WP - but also a lot of things that Joomla already does that people can take advantage of
  • Allow people to customize designs from different places
  • Extend theme system to have core theme options etc?
  • Or add in a way for devs to hook into core functions instead of just bypassing it
  • Would make things easy but also add common ground between users and 3PD
  • Crystal asks:
    • What existing functions are people not using?
      • template.xml
      • creation of backend interfaces
      • maybe integrate this into the UI?
    • Why are they not using it?
      • people don’t know it exists
      • default template doesn’t have a lot of options, people look at it and think that’s the extend of Joomla’s capabilities


Collecting Community Feedback

Crystal has created an open Google Spreadsheet that anyone can edit to add in ideas about Joomla 4 - no holds barred. Allows us to collect and track community feedback, even if we're not yet at that phase in the project yet. Ideas can be discussed in the open discussion group on Glip - "General UX Chatter".

Spreadsheet available here:

Please remember this spreadsheet is to collect any and all community ideas. Do not delete or alter rows that are not your own.


Focus Group

There is a group of people who use Joomla! in an enterprise setting that have reached out offering to be used in a focus group. What is the best way to go about this resource?

  • Good for prototyping and usability testing
  • if they have feedback or ideas, encourage them to share ASAP
  • Find out - how many people are actually going to help?
  • Need to figure out how to have a constructive meeting
  • Possibly interviews
  • First step: get feedback, ideas, etc
  • Set up scheduled discussion with focus group to gather feedback and go from there, maybe go on individual interviews
  • Marco - suggests setting timelines etc to keep us focused and moving forward


Next Deadlines

  • Interviews & Notes:  September 1, 2015 
  • Personas: September 11, 2015


Next meeting: September 15, 4:00pm EDT