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UX Team Meeting Report  

February 10, 2016
. 2 separate meetings at 9am & 5pm MST time

We have accepted that no meeting time will ever work for everyone due to geography. We will create smaller groups and coordinate leadership communication based on location and tasks. 

  • 9am Attendance: Cliff Pfeifer, Chris Raymond, Niels Braczek, Niranjan Janarhana

  • 5pm Attendance: Cliff Pfeifer, Marco Dings, Niels Braczek, Eric Fernace

  • Not Available: David Lingard, Elisa Foltyn
    - individual meetings have been scheduled to accomodate

Meeting Minutes:

1. Meeting Opening 

2. Welcome New Team Members

  • Chris Raymond 

  • Niranjan Janardhana

  • Eric Fernace


  • New members will complete volunteer portal profiles asap.
  • Cliff will follow up with previous UX Team applicants, create a new team member application and a new call for volunteers.

3. Research & Feedback

Chris Raymond Reports & Recommendations:

We’ll start with the initial list of persona types listed in the Process document and expand as necessary
Example Persona

Team Research Tasks:

  • Begin development on Qualitative Research Surveys to gather initial data.

  • When ready, implement and market the surveys and research systems to the community.

  • Provide feedback to Marketing Team regarding UX Research Process.

  • Chris and Eric will collaborate.

4. UX & UI Style Guide / Pattern Library

Goal is to find a balance between architecture and design that will be standarized, backwards compatible and sustainable in the future.

  • Niranjan - provided excellent initial benchmarks and agenda. 
We will expand this going forward.

  • Niels - working on J4 rendering system / discussion of backend content patterns and framework options.

Team Tasks

  • Collaborate with J4 Architecture to begin visualization process
  • Get copy of newest Brand Manual for UX Team Reference.

  • Find contributors to assist in creation and development

5. Budget 2016

No previous budget or expense exist for the UX Team itself. 
Ideas for future or ongoing process expenses are appreciated, some suggestions:

  • User Testing Platforms
  • Cross Browser Testing 
  • Potential 2016 UX Sprints

Budget Requests or ideas related to marketing are due by Monday February 15th

6. Next Steps

  • Ongoing meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis
  • All team tasks will be listed in Glip