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JUX Team Meeting February 25, 2016

11:00am MST

Due to technical difficulties our hangout was not happening and group communication was not possible. Each team member has participated in our efforts this week and has coordinated with team leadership individually.

Agenda & Minutes

Review progress

Research / Personas / Survey progress

  • Chris Raymond: Initial 10 personas complete
  • UX Document Updated 
  • Personas done in Xtensio, which has somewhat limited design options but is a very effective tool. Will coordinate with Cliff on design branding
  • Eric Fernance will qualify personas with Survey Research. Initial surveys ready for review on Monday. 
  • Cliff will develop marketing materials and coordinate strategy

Big thanks to Chris and Eric for their research efforts. Awesome work.


Style Guide

  • David Assembled initial outline and strategy
  • Review initial outline and strategy this coming Monday w/ Cliff

Organization, Benchmarks and Logistics

  • Niranjan: put working outline in place.
  • Cliff, Chris & Niranjan will coordinate a working UX production cycle schedule next week

J4 Architecture

  • J4 Architecture Meeting 02/24/2016
  • Reviewed component demo & pattern library concepts
  • Niels & Cliff reviewed J4 interface template and framework concepts
  • The JUX Goals for J4 are in line with the J4 Working Group and Architecture Team. Marco Dings made a great statement in yesterdays meeting that sums up our highest level goal: Joomla 4 is defined by what it is for the End Users. It is not defined by how we build it.
J3.6 & 3.7 Releases
  • Cliff coordinated With Chris Davenport on J3.6 & 3.7 Release Teams
  • UX Team will focus on admin interface changes for 3.x releases with the goal of pushing towards solutions that will carry over to J4.

Administrative & Marketing

  • Cliff Completed new UX Team Application
  • Cliff Completed JUX Team Community Magazine Article for March
  • Planning an early March community marketing efforts: Working on JUX marketing materials, call for volunteers & call for research participants.

JUX Sprint Cycle

Strategy is to implement a 4 week cycle for producing UX deliverables for the community. We feel this approach will work best for a number of reasons. Exact details are still being worked out.

First and foremost, our goal is to improve the usability of Joomla. A short repeating production cycle will allow us to make immediate short term contributions and remain flexible within the community while developing a long term vision.

Our challenges are time and volunteer resources. The JUX production schedule will always take that into consideration. Consistant marketing aimed at encouraging community involvement and volunteer efforts with the JUX is an important part of our strategy.

Next Meeting:

We will address progress and move forward with a production cycle. March will be a big month for our efforts and we will begin collecting feedback from the community to shape our first goals. The JUX is looking forward to making a positive difference in the community.