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JUX Team Report March 3rd 2016 


Research Team Report

Chris Raymond & Eric Fernance

Research surveys developed for each of the initial 14 Key Personas:

  • Web Developer
  • Designer and site integrator
  • Front-end developer and site builder
  • Power user
  • IT manager
  • Small “brick and mortar” business owner
  • Webmaster
  • Start-up
  • Online store
  • SEO professional
  • Professional blogger
  • Extension developer
  • Theme developer
  • Marketing manager

Reviewed surveys and discussed strategy:

  • Review survey questions and flow for each persona type
  • Adjust formatting where necessary
  • “Soft Launch” Testing within the UX Glip room and other community contributors
  • Make final adjustments based on testing feedback
  • Coordinate with Marketing to get the word out

Great Job to Chris and Eric for all of their hard work so far!

Team Updates


  • Provided the UX Team with an update of the J4 Architecture meeting
  • Planning for a functioning J4 component mid-April to prepare for a JAB demo


  • Provided a Style Guide Proposal Outline for Review


  • Coordinating with Marketing on inclusion of the new Brand Manual / Style Guide into
  • Will review David's style guide proposal and coordinate a meeting with him before the Marketing meeting next Tuesday.

- Discussed events of JoomlaDay Florida:

  • Great event, lots of questions about what we’re up to
  • My JUX presentation and March magazine article
  • Coordinated with Community Leaders & Contributors
  • Gained access to JUX Community Resources
  • My computer fried during the event so I’m about a week behind on everything

- Cliff To Do:

  • Review surveys & personas
  • Complete and launch new call for speakers
  • Update JUX Community Resources
  • -- Documentation team page
  • -- Developers portal
  • Coordinate UX with Marketing during the MWG meeting next Tuesday
  • Coordinate with J4 Architecture next week
  • Coordinate with the 3.6 release team next week 

Group Discussions:

Discussed j3.5 release & the anonymized information plugin

  • Reviewed the type of data we will receive and why it's important
  • Discussed possibilities of developing “admin audit” type plugin or feature to collect user workflow data in future updates

User Testing Environments and Tools

  • Next step in our process is setting up testing tools and environments
  • Eric will research possibilities
  • Niels provided resources for testing tools

Final Notes:

Progress and coordination this week proved to be a challenge due to scheduling and technical reasons for many of us. We are on track and excited about our progress. Our plan was to launch some of our new community efforts this week, however more development and testing is needed to ensure our efforts are effective and well received.

Above all, we are focused on delivering quality work and service to the community and there is no doubt that extra time spent now on additional development, planning and strategy will benefit our efforts in the long run. We are all looking forward to showing the community what we've been up to and it won't be much longer before we can.