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Over the past month we've had several meetings and collaborated with several other working groups. With the recent changes in the release schedule and J & Beyond coming quickly, our primary focus right now is research and planning, along with team administration. Our hope is that our progress and findings will generate more community support for our efforts at the J & Beyond conference.

Due to the overwhelming response to our team efforts and call for volunteers, we are still sorting through applications and task outlines. We want to add many new contributors to the team sooner than later, but we also and want to ensure it is easy for the new people to get started so our time is well spent. The amount of administrative time and effort this process would take was severely underestimated, mainly due to overwhelming interest and research participation. We are doing our best to get this sorted out and get our new contributors involved. We thank everyone for their patience.

We have a lot share and lot more coming soon, details are below

JUX April 2016 Survey Results

Our initial survey went well, with over 500 responses around 200 volunteers for more research over a 2 week period. The goal of this survey was not only to collect general information about Joomla usage, it was also to find more volunteers. Both goals were accomplished. The data we obtained is very general but it paints a picture we can learn from and use for more detailed research.

Big thanks to Chris Raymond and Eric Fernance for their efforts on the survey and our research efforts in general, they have done a great job. And big thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.

We have the raw data to share and some basic insights and recommendations. A more detailed analysis is in progress and we will be following up with all volunteers shortly.

Raw survey data and initial analysis can be found here.

J35 Survey Launch

We are launching our new survey this week. It is specifically targeted to gather feedback about the Joomla 3.5 release. We will share initial data near the time of the J & Beyond conference near the end of May.

Team Updates

Joomla 3 efforts:

The Joomla 3 Administrative project has been gathering research over the past month and discussing the most effective and realistic changes to recommend and develop. With the recent change in the release schedule, we're not entirely sure how our efforts fit into the big picture. Little information has been provided to us regarding this.

Thanks to Brian Peat, Tony Partridge and Jason Nickerson for all their help and suggestions.

Thanks to all of our users in the LinkedIn Joomla User Group for fueling some very active discussions regarding the Joomla 3 administrator area. We've gathered an enormous amount of feedback and insight from these threads. These two discussions can be found here: 

Regional Team Updates

Huge thanks to Niranjan Janardhana. A few weeks ago we decided to form a regional team in Asia to help with time zone and communication issues and Niranjan has made much progress and gotten new contributors involved. This seems to be a great way to overcome a few of the logistical challenges we face in a global community. We've been able to more involve people in the process and get more done as a result. 

Niranjan's report:

We have collected feedback and research from a number of users as part of Installation and onboarding survey. Our goal is to provide a user friendly and welcoming installation experience within an inviting and helpful atmosphere.

JUX Onboarding Program

 Through team information survey, we got considerable insight on below for the members

  • the timezone of the team member
  • their preferred mode of collaboration
  • their wider area of interest in JUX projects
  • their core interest and passion

This information was then interpolated with all the JUX project backlog items. This resulted in a matrix identifying best fit resources for JUX projects.

Regional Team Program

We made considerable progress in addressing extreme time zones and language differences. Due to this initiative,

  • the regional lead was approachable for queries of team members during their timezone.
  • we now have 24x7 access to JUX leadership on Glip: US timezone is covered by Cliff and Asia timezone is covered by Niranjan.
  • The availability of Region lead also helped in conducting Google hangout with regional members in the regional accent

 Niranjan approaced few additional volunteers in the Asia region and their onboarding is in progress.

  • Henry Nguyen has expressed his interest in Admin template project. He did demo of the JoomlaShine PowerAdmin and PageBuilder extension. Henry has immense experience in templates and the above JoomlaShine offerings have several capabilities that are planned for implementation in Joomla4 admin template. 

Joomla 4 Progress

The documentation of core elements in pattern library is nearing completion. This will be common reference document for both Architecture team and UX team. Henry has also agreed to collaborate on the pattern library.

 We are looking forward to the JAB conference. We know many conversations and connections will be made there and we're also hoping for more collaboration between teams. For now, we're gathering all the user data we can to propose the changes at the conference we believe will benefit our users, our community and our platform the most. - Cliff Pfeifer JUX Team Lead