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JUX Meeting Agenda November 22nd

Tuesday November 22nd 22:00 UTC Time



Cliff Pfeifer

Dawn Russell

Britta Stender

Elisa Foltyn

George Wilson

Charlie Lodder

Rishi Vishwakarma

Tony Partridge

Brian Peat

Eric Fernance

Agenda Items & Minutes:

Meeting notes below

Team Structure & Strategy

  • Sub team structure

    • Administration, Accessibility, Research, Backend Template is all we need right now. Production department roles haven’t been clearly defined under the new OSM structure but can define them within the team as we need in the meantime.

    • Individual team roles can exist without sub teams we should avoid over-separating ourselves

  • Team strategy

    • Top priorities are defining team goals, team member roles and responsibilities and team strategies (short term and long term).

    • J4 Efforts are top priority

UX Sprint January 2017

  • Sprint Planning

  • Sprint Agenda


Joomla 4 Backend Development


Research & Testing - Processing Information / Data

  • Preparation and Publishing of existing results

    • Find most common results and improvement requests

    • Add links to working PR’s and issues for these results

    • Add recommendations and facilitate development & testing

  • New research and testing efforts

  • Establish what the common themes are and create diagrams/workflows


Dgt41 added:

Evaluate Joomla’s state

  • Assign people to go through the main repo (github) and mark anything related to UX

  • Evaluate the problems

  • Propose (that’s what UX supposed to do) a better/alternative way


CP: Couldn’t have summed it up better, that’s the plan I’ve got in my head more or less. Github management is an area we need to be more involved in.


This is a rough graphic outlining the basic JUX process in a nutshell:


Meeting Notes

Taken by Dawn Russell


Iron out what responsibilities this team is in charge of as a sub-team of the PLT.

Where does design fit?

the structure is saying that design is under communications and marketing.


Ken Crowder is working on where to place the design team. One option is to place one under PLT and one under Marketing/Communications. Only have a liaison within the UX team that is also a member of the design team. They would handle all of the design work.


Elisa waiting on a decision from the transition team. She feels that someone needs to take care of the overall brand awareness for the project. She would like to hear from the transition team as to what would happen with the design team.


Design and overarching term that applies to a number of different project builds:

  1. Frontend marketing piece:

    1. Website

    2. Marketing Materials

    3. Products for Sale

  2. Production side:

    1. Software Interface UI

    2. Front-end template


Elisa views the two projects as being part of a singular “team”. Design team already working on the backend design. Teams next to one another working together.  Need to interact with the other teams in the project. Not about drawing lines within the project.


George - at an ultimate simple level. UX team is charged with User Interface Improvements, Design and everything that has to do with the CMS.


Elisa - team is responsible for the brand identity, portfolio of websites, design consistency. The brand manual massively affects many of the things we need to incorporate into the CMS system.


Their needs to be a lot of collaboration between the two teams.


This would then mean that there is a design Sub Team within the UX team. Perhaps Elisa becomes the lead of the design SubTeam which would ensure that all of our volunteers have one place to go when they are not sure which team they should go too. One issue is that there is a consistent lack of having enough volunteers to keep the content up to date.


Can’t define roles based on current volunteer capacity. Right now Elisa is the design lead and could be a sub-team leader but she may not be able to volunteer in that capacity over time. So defining the role based on the current availability is not a good long range tactic. Instead, create a member who oversees designs and is mandated with the charge of aligning with the Design Team.


Cliff interested in creating a team plan so anyone can step into and leave a role without having to start from scratch.


Administrative Lead - needs to hand off day to day tasks. So much data and needs to be delegated to volunteers which would process the information.


Create a Mega Project Plan

Project organizational chart that is shared across teams. Britta has a lot of charts we can start with. Send it out to the other teams. Get Feedback. Create an organizational chart. Send it out to the other teams. Look backwards, to see what can be completed in this amount of time. Design team has already begun work on the backend template. Still need a list of what are we going to do and make sure that the expectations are the same on the other teams. Charlie (PLT) / Elisa (Design) / Britta + Dawn


Define higher level goals as a strategy

  1. What needs to be done for Joomla 4? (Design/Accessibility/Research/Testing)

    1. Backend Template Team

    2. New Frontend template team

  2. Creating research methods and testing methods.

    1. Streamline the data gathering process.

    2. Getting people involved in the research department - we have all the research we need.

    3. Coordinate across teams.


Once these two things get worked out, we can use it as groundwork and improve it over time.


UX Sprint - George

Moving forward. As soon as it’s firmed up with the hotel, touching base with PLT but budgeting into the new year. Looking to spend money. Once formalities are in place, we can put it into motion. 3-4 people can attend the UX sprint.


Joomla 4 Update

Notes taken by Cliff Pfeifer



BS4 conversion is 90-95% complete

Top J4 level goals:

  • Administrator Interface with customizable features

  • Dashboard

  • Accessibility Compliance

  • User Guidance System

  • Simplified settings and UI layout


Cliff: A few more items will be added. Research reports and recommendations are being finalized and coming within the next week.


Once backend architecture is finalized, front end development will begin. Should not take long pending design considerations.


Charlie is Development point of contact

Elisa is Design point of contact

Crystal is Accessibility point of contact

Dawn & Britta administrative and project coordination contacts

Our next meeting is next week, Doodle form coming today

Additional meetings and coordination efforts between team leadership, administration contacts and projects will take place in addition to our next team meeting.