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JUX Meeting November 30th 2016

Wednesday November 30nd 17:00 UTC Time Duration 1:00


  • Dawn Russell
  • Rishi Vishwakarma
  • Rich Starkie
  • Niels Braczek
  • Crystal Harris
  • Cliff Pfeifer
  • Charlie Lodder
  • Brian Peat
  • Armands Vijups
  • Allon Moritz
  • Elisa Foltyn
  • Britta Stender

Agenda Items & Minutes:

Team Business

  • Team Meeting Time Poll: 
    Please choose your best times for a WEEKLY meeting for the entire month of December
  • Everyone must complete the Team Member details form to be eligible for Team Member or Team Contributor status: If your contact information has changed or does change at any point in time, please fill it out again.

Transition and team structure updates:

JUX Leadership

Team Leader position still pending Transition team ruling on election results. At this point in time, it is more of a formality than anything else and we are moving forward under the assumption that Cliff Pfeifer will remain as team lead.  

Cliff Pfeifer names Dawn Russell and Britta Stender as Assistant Team Leads. Both have shown exemplary attitudes, exceptional organizational and communcation skills, and both embrace the spirit of collaboration and the overall vision of the JUX team. The transistion structure only includes one assistant lead position, should a time come where we need to choose only one it will be addressed by our team at that time.

Accessibility Team

  • Deemed to remain as a UX sub team until the transistion is complete.
  • Lead Crystal Harris
  • Team will be focused on mostly technical aspects to make it conform to government standards. 
  • Sub-Team Leader of the UX Team - she will have the freedom to make the decisions with relation to implementing accessibility.
  • After establishing the active volunteers, go through Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4x and the websites to ascertain where we stand on Accessibility. Will be able to see where we are falling short and where we need to work.
    Statement on the website is very out of date.
  • Focus on strategy first.

Team applications, guidelines & onboarding

Currently have 70 pending applications. Hold off on adding anyone new into the team at this point while we are in planning mode. Once we have the plan established then we can integrate them into the subteams or projects.

There are a number of pending applicants for the JUX team who will be followed up with once our team structure and strategy is more solid. New contributors need immediate task assignments otherwise they lose interest quickly

Team strategy and planning (Britta and Dawn)

  • Mission: UX team provides support and guidance in two main areas of the Joomla! Project:
  • Joomla CMS Releases (Share Idea for creating the Project Charters)
  • Joomla 3.7 (Custom Fields Testing and Implementation) - Elisa - urgently need feedback from people on custom fields. 
  • Joomla 3.8 (Media Manager)
  • Joomla 4
  • Website(s) (Testing, Refinement, Reporting)
  • Process for Implementation (Gain Approval, Collaborate with other teams)

Initial sketch of how UX Project Organization will be structured illustrating how collaboration across teams would happen.

Notes from meeting:

  • We will release a strategy for moving forward to describe how we can collaborate across teams to implement a new feature change, using Joomla 3.7 as a starting point. The goal is to streamline communication and to open new lines of communication. Helping people work together to achieve goals. Also responsible for testing, research, and making recommendations. We will present the project charter next week for Joomla 3.7. This diagram is not recommending a structure change - rather we are proposing a UX Project Organization chart that illustrates how people across teams will collaborate and gain approval on projects and features that touch different teams (ie: marketing, production, UX, documentation, translations). 
  • We’ll really have an impact with testing phase. (Crystal) - testing for bugs different from testing for user experience - while testing for bugs can discover UX issues it is not as accurate - it can be done with quick screenshots and wireframes - asking them to complete a series of tests and see how they do it. Better when research done in advance. Crystal could provide advisory capacity with regards to user experience testing.
  • Rich - can the UX team nix a new feature request? UX can provide data backed up with research to recommend or vote down a feature. Possible to offer a liaison between PLT and UX when new features are being discussed. Britta - we can suggest that having UX involved will facilitate the success of the project  - Rich “UX is driving the user experience for Joomla.” Cliff - we don’t have the authority to stop a team from implementing a new feature. Hopefully our team becomes a resource for other teams and creating an environment to ensure the success of the project.
  • Crystal -  I think the biggest challenge this team faces (and this speaks to your question maybe) is creating a UX-first culture in the project - where it's not an afterthought but the first thing people consider. That's a HUGE challenge and I think one of the things that should be in our goal is educating the joomla volunteer community about the importance and scope of UX. If there's a UX-first culture or user-first culture then it's a lot easier to convince people based on research vs based on who shouts louder.
  • Joomla! 3.8 - Update on Media Manager Sprint in Vienna - (Elisa) 
  • Visual Architecture, UI and Implementation
  • Elisa - How to visualize the image text so the user experience is good?
  • Elisa - New media manager will have ACL. 
  • Elisa - facilitate the process by coordinating with Britta and Dawn to get the project charter complete.
  • Allon - has a repo - put together a list of questions. 
  • Some of the spec is written down here:

Research & Testing 

Cliff - working to organize all of the data that we have and make it public. Working with David Stetson and Eric to get the data together.

Research status update

  • We will create a Glip channel for JUX Research Team
  • Research Team will coordinate their own meetings as necessary
  • Preparation and Publishing of existing results
  • 2016 data is mostly processed
  • Raw feedback is mostly sorted
  • Individual project and platform recommendations in progress
  • Full 2016 research report is in progress

Research needs assistance with:

  • Analysis and recommendations from research findings
    If you have ideas or conclusions, write them out and add them
  • Finding related issues and PR’s on Github
    Some recommended changes are already in progress, find them to streamline development
  • Matching raw feedback with personas
    We have existing personas that can be used, or new personas can be created. If you have better or new ideas, we want to see them
  • Creating the next survey / research effort
  • User Testing process for:
    J4 backend, 3.7 release, Custom Fields and Media Manager
  • Follow up with previous survey participants
    We have more than 500 volunteers for future research

Sprint Planning

  • UX Sprint January 20-23 2017 - Did not discuss in meeting, will discuss with Sprint Attendees outside of regular team meetings
  • Create a glip channel for Sprint Attendees
  • Begin planning high level sprint agenda and goals
  • December / January JUX Team Roadmap leading up to the sprint