By Private Profile 60f01f57 on 2017-02-16 23:45 in User Experience Team

Meeting Time: 21:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC


  • Eric Fernance
  • Charlie Lodder
  • Brian Peat
  • Cliff Pfeifer
  • Dawn Russell
  • Ciaran Walsh


  • Britta Stender

Agenda Items:

Regroup & catch up

  • Progress since London
  • Design updates to backend template
  • Review of concepts discussed at Sprint

UI / Backend Template

  • Discussion of menu item nomenclature, grouping of menu items and components
  • User interface improvements to streamline workflow,  customizable display, personalized display and features
  • Simplifying the dashboard and workflow is the key to success

Research & Testing

Need Research for:

  • Menu Display / Navigation options
  • Dashboard Features
  • Workflow improvements

Most recent J4 install available on JUX testing server. 


  • Report in progress from Yair and Armen
  • We have several new contributors coming on to the team with extensive Accessibility experience. 

What we need to move forward:

More contributors

  • New contributor onboarding will be complete before the end of the month. 5 to 10 new contributors will be added into the team over the next few days.
  • New Research / Design contributors are coming in, however we need to spend time training and supporting them to get them up to speed.
  • Adding contributors to our team is a top priority, until we add more and get them going, we’re limited in terms of how much we can do on any project. 

User Feedback, Research and Testing

  • Team members will review the current build and provide input. We will compile notes and concepts as a team to facilitate research and A/B Testing.
  • We have a general idea of the direction, user feedback will determine the exact direction and details of our process.

Next steps

Complete new contributor onboarding

  • We’ll all need to spend some time training our new contributors
  • Get them started by providing their feedback on the current builds. They’ll be seeing it for the first time so the input will be valuable and it will also help them get up to speed on where the JUX team is at and what we need to do.
  • Task Deadline: March 1st

J4 Specific Research and Testing

  • Create research and testing materials and gather user feedback
  • Compile Team Member and new contributor notes to identify questions and viable concepts or proposals for testing.
  • Task Deadline: March 1st

Conduct Research and Testing

Timeline: ASAP after completion of research materials

  • Launch research campaigns
  • Analysis of Results
  • Proposals
  • Production

Process and direction

The overall direction of the platform and new Production Department is currently being formed. It’s still unclear how our team and processes will best fit into the official production process in the post-transition structure. We are hopeful the new leadership and organization structure will facilitate more collaboration, a more unified platform vision and a more user-centered production process. 

In the meantime we have plenty to do and we will keep moving forward.