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JUX Leadership Meeting, February 20th, 2017 19:00 UTC


  • Cliff Pfeifer
  • Dawn Russell
  • Britta Stender
  • David Steadson


  • Tony Partridge ( out of town on vacation )


Team Administration


  • Annual budget proposal due in March, the sooner the better
  • Need list and evaluation of potential testing platforms asap

Team & Task Management

  • Monthly JUX Leadership Meeting Time set for 3rd monday of every month at this time
  • Agreed on combination of Glip and Trello as a task management solutions.

Team Structure

Research & Testing Team

Platform Configuations

  • ACY Email for research volunteer list
  • Survey platform

Media Manager

  • New Survey has launched, will close March 1st

Joomla 4

  • Research materials needed as soon as possible, ideal deadline March 3rd

Post 3.7 release feedback campaign

  • Begin developing materials
  • Release 30 days after the J3.7 release

Consider new ideas to facilitate an ongoing JUX research cycle


Onboarding New JUX Contributors

Application follow ups are complete

  • 20+ new contributors added to our Glip Channels and Trello boards

First iteration of new our onboarding process:

  • We are giving everyone a chance and providing as much support as possible to help them get started.
  • We are scheduling meetings and making task and sub team assignments over the next two weeks.
  • Many new contributors are starting by providing an evaluation of the J4 backend and sharing their ideas. This allows us to gather fresh feedback for J4, learn about what our contributors do, and it helps them understand where we are at in the J4 process.
  • Several new contributors will be assisting with J3.7 support. We are hoping to organize a push on based on our testing results and provide support to docs and marketing with the materials we’ve been developing since the Alpha release.
  • We are documenting every step of our onboarding process to continually improve upon it so we may continually build our team and resources


Joomla 4

Strategy and Research materials in progress

  • Set ongoing time for J4 & UX meetings this week
  • We have a number of contributors and extension companies willing to commit large amounts of time to the process who we are following up with this week.

Strategy, research, project charter and evaluation due early March

We are gathering feedback and contributor concepts for evaluation

Stratgey, tasks and benchmarks around the primary areas of UX focus:

  • Dashboard
  • Navigation & Workflow
  • Content Interface

Our goal is to provide more direction to the J4 backend team and help facilitate a faster and more effective production cycle for future releases.


Next JUX Leadership Meeting Scheduled for April 20th 2017