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Summary of JUX activity for the week of February 27, 2017

Our goals for the week were definiing our next steps for Joomla 4 and bringing new contributors into our process. A number of meetings were held and our team and process is coming together in a very encouraging way. We have a much stronger team with more resources than ever before and we are excited about the potential of this new team.

We are building a large and globally diverse team in order to overcome the challenges of our volunteer community. Our goal is to facilitate a faster and sustainable JUX cycle so our team may contribute to the Joomla! development process more effectively in 2017.

We had a number of meetings this week with a large number of new contributors and more meetings are planned in the coming week. This process will continue indefinitely and we will continute to actively get as many people involved with the JUX Team as possible. We have an enormous amount of work and the key to success is a strong team.

Individual & Group Contributor Meetings


Cliff Pfeifer, Eric Fernance, Alysson Franklin, David Steadson, Paul Adamson, Milosz Wojanczek, Abraham Becerra, Jacob Krull, Majo Torres, Jonathan Magoga, Justyna Michallek, Robert Mears, Ciaran Walsh, Brian Peat, Rishi Vishwakarma, Tony Partridge

7 total meetings: February 27th, 2017, February 28th, 2017, March 2nd, 2017

Our contributor meetings were conducted by Cliff Pfeifer as part of our onboarding process. Given the large number of contributors we are working with, several individual meetings were held, along with two group meetings. The group meetings were held at different times during the week to accomodate as many different time zones as possible. This provided an opportunity for our new contributors to discuss, ask questions and get acclimated to our team environment and our team process. We are in the process of assigning tasks and roles to our new contributors as we learn what they can do and how they can best fit into the team.

Contributor meeting topics

  • JUX Research process
  • Team Structure
  • Project Timelines
  • Project & Task Management System
  • Regional Coordinators, facilitating localized team training and local community research efforts
  • Options for weekly online JUX discussions team training
  • 3.7 Release Documentation and JUX release support

Joomla 4 & JUX Team Meeting 

March 3rd, 2017


Brian Peat, Ciaran Walsh, Dawn Russell, Jonathan Magoga, Milosz Wojanczek, Paul Adamson, Cliff Pfeifer

Agenda Items:

J4 Strategy

  • Project Collaboration & Communication
  • Project Charter
    In progress: Dawn Russell & Britta Stender
  • Process
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Timeline
  • Roles and Assignments


The goal for March is to generate as much user feedback and research as possible to shape the direction of Joomla 4. JUX Joomla 4 Research report is due April 1st, 2017.

New J4 feedback gathered through new contributor evaluation reports

Our new contributors were asked to provide feedback on the current state of Joomla 4 as a way to help them understand where we are in the process, as well as provide fresh user feedback to the Joomla 4 team. We generated a substantial amount of valuable "first impression" feedback from our new contributors.

Read the evaulation reports here

We discussed further options to facilitate user feedback for Joomla 4, feature requests, ideas, concepts etc.

JUX Surveys

We have a new survey system and our goal is to release new simple surveys and polls bi-weekly to facilitate an ongoing research cycle.

J4 Survey Topics:

  • Toolbars & Component Usage
  • Ideas & Suggestions Spreadsheet
  • User Suggestions and Feedback
  • Edit Toolbar
  • Dashboard
  • Sidebar Main Screen

User Interviews, Case Studies and Work Flow research

Cliff, Eric and Tony will be working on an online user testing environment centered around real world use case scenarios to develop a better understanding of user work flows.


  • Create Integrator & Business Use Cases
  • Use Selenium, or action log recording 
  • Use steps and interview criteria to create User Flows and User Journeys
  • Analysis and development of user work flow based improvements.

Our goal for the week of March 6th is to have an online interview / user testing environment based around simple work flow scenarios.

Next steps

  • Finalize J4 Strategy and assign roles and tasks
  • Continue new contributors onboarding and team building
  • Establish our team structure and define offical process for Joomla 3.8 and Joomla 4 releases