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Media Manager Usability Testing

Meeting Goal: To Define a Strategy and Process



Britta Stender

Dawn Russell


Date: April 2, 2017


Reviewed Documents prepared by Britta Stender demonstrating a typical usability test.

JUX Public>Projects>3.8 Media Manager>Research>Usability Test


The Building of the Usability Test (Timeline - Depends on demo)

Define the objectives of the test based upon UX survey and follow up conversation amongst developers and the UX team members to finalize these objectives. Check out this example document for preparing the objectives.

Developer Responsibilities (timeline?)

  • Create a final demo that includes all of the functionality needed to test the objectives defined above.

UX Responsibilities (2 - 3 weeks)

  • Build the usability test around a story

  • Create an introduction to present the goal for the usability test session to the user

  • Break each task into individual sheets

  • Recruit moderators

  • Train moderators in the process

  • Recruit test subjects

  • Set up appointments

The Process and Overview involved with Usability Testing (1-2 weeks)

Usability testing must be held by moderators in person or the JUX team must use software where the subject is recorded and an analysis is done offsite.

  • The number of people interviewed would be approximately 24 (6 people in each persona group)

    • End Users (Both Joomla and Non-Joomla)

    • Integrator

    • Developer

    • Marketing

  • The moderators we choose need to understand their role (see the recommendations guide). For example, a moderator cannot guide the testee or provide help.

  • Testee should be encouraged to talk out loud and express how they are feeling as they try to perform the task.

  • It’s ideal to have two moderators, one who tracks times and number of clicks (Quantitative) and one who witness the emotional response and body language (Qualitative).

  • Typically the number of task assignments per user would amount to ½ hour for best results or if longer they will need refreshments, bathroom break, etc to make sure they don’t burn out.


The Analysis (1 week)

  • Gather all of the documents from the moderators

  • Compile the data into a final report that will be presented to the developers and the UX team leads for the particular sub project.

    • Persona profile

    • Quantitative

    • Qualitative

    • User Response

    • Final comments, suggestions from users

  • Liaisons would present the report to the developers and final decisions will be made with regards to implementation.


People Involved:

  1. Developers to finish the functionality

  2. Liaison(s) with UX

  3. Moderators  (different regions and languages) - 8 moderators at most for 24 people.

    1. Moderators typically should not know the test subjects

    2. So, we may need to increase the number of test subjects to offset the skew the results

  4. Test Subjects

  5. Report preparer

Example Test Ideas for the Media Manager

Meeting to discuss additional objectives: Allon, Dawn, David Neukirchen, Ciaran, Britta

Post your Additional Ideas Here

  • Question - 5 Back button

    • Include this in the usability test, there are four options for going back technically which ones are used and how.

      • Back Arrow (next to breadcrumbs)

      • Breadcrumbs

      • Browser Back Button

      • Browser History

      • Folder Tree

  • Question - 6 Cropped or proportional grid view
    Respondents were split between a cropped image with filename and image size and a proportionate image with filename and image size. Several user scenarios were presented in the comments supporting a proportionate image. Further direct user testing is recommended.
    We went with cropped. Make a case with images that are similar but with different proportions and see how long it will take the user to find it.

  • Why would users use the list view? To see the proportional image, to see extra data, or to see all files in a folder with no preview?

  • Accessibility point of view
    We go with this one:

    But Britta / designer likes this one. Accessibility - not having the text for the buttons = bad?