By Private Profile 0adfdec2 on 2014-11-13 22:00 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance: Ruth Cheesley [RC], Jennifer Gress [JG], Alejandro Pascoli [AP]
Apologies: Liam Mandville [LM]

Meeting opened at 1800, topics to discuss include setting goals and objectives for the coming year, round up of Joomla World Conference (JWC) session, and presentation of proposal to support Spanish speaking community by AP.

JG and RC reported on session at the Joomla World Conference which was extremely helpful and provided some great ideas for engaging with Joomla User Group Organisers. We were also able to provide advice on registering a JUG, explored the documentation portal, and encouraged several user groups to get started during the event. JG left as she was unwell. RC continued meeting and explored the goals which were proposed by emails. These were formulated into a set of clearly defined goals for 2015 which include AP's proposal.

  • To increase the number of Joomla User Groups in non-native English speaking countries by 25%
  • To improve workflows for the processes involved with registering and amending Joomla User Group registrations
  • Update Terms of Service, Frequently Asked Questions and create guidelines for JUG operation
  • Translate all JUG documentation into at least two languages
  • To develop a proactive outreach campaign to keep in touch with Joomla User Groups and showcase what is happening around the world in our community
  • Develop a ‘JUG Buddies’ system to pair up new JUG organisers with another experienced organiser
  • To develop a welcome package for new Joomla User Groups including physical items and clear documentation about running a JUG
  • To implement the ability to register Translation Teams and Regional/National organisations who support Joomla User Groups within their region/country within the Joomla User Group directory

AP presented his proposal to support Spanish speaking JUG formation by supporting a member of the JUG team to attend five events in the Spanish community in 2015 - this will be included in the proposed goals and budget request for 2015.

JG suggested before leaving that the JUG team review team members and ensure that mailing lists and chat rooms are updated to reflect current team members - also an update was requested from LM regarding new team members with applications pending. LM to ensure any team members leaving are thanked and given appreciation for their work. LM to update at his convenience.

RC will incorporate goals into CLT goals for 2015 and will assist the team in preparing a budget request for items which require funding.

Meeting concluded at 1845.