By Jennifer Gress on 2015-08-23 20:33 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:

Jenn Gress
Alejandro Pascoli
Helvecio da Silva
Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall
Bruce Valle

We talked about:

1. The directory: Next steps for Rowan and Helvecio to begin laying it out.

2. Pending listings: Didn't get any new updates since we're just waiting to hear from people on things they need to change and be reviewed again.

3. Doing listings/being involved: I brought up a couple of things that I thought might help team members to be more timely in processing new and updated listings. I thought maybe some incentive and also having people that are new be "introductory" until they show they will be productive before making them actual "Team" members. I was just throwing out ideas so that I wasn't processing the majority of listings which keep me from other things that need to be done too.

It was brought out by Rowan that potentially issues with people being more active on the team will be resolved through the new directory which will give us better abilities to assign tickets/listings to team members. We decided to table until the directory is done.

TOS, FAQ, Rules for Submission: A couple of weeks ago Ruth and I went over the TOS. It's almost done but on it there was reference to a "checklist" which apparently list the Rules for Submission doc. I didn't even realise it was there and it is a doc which has much of the FAQs and TOS on it. So all three need to be gone through and consolidated and fine tuned. Elvis to help with this and I will too.

JWC JUG Incentives: We are looking at having some SWAG at JWC for JUG Organisers that start a JUG and get it approved at JWC. There will be a Joomla! In Action session for JUGs to start - or people who want to get involved in an existing JUG. Just beginning the work on this topic. I started a new Glip group with Ruth, Saurabh, and Alejandro who will all be in attendance. Jon Neubauer has been helpful to get us a slot and room/space for it. More to follow in the coming weeks.