By Jennifer Gress on 2015-10-06 20:26 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:
Jenn Gress
Ruth Cheesley
Helvecio da Silva
Eric Lamy
Djamel Kherbi

Brian Ronnow

No show:
Bruce Valle
Alejandro Pascoli
Saurabh Shah
Son Koral
Wim Marynees

1. New JUG Directory: First draft of ux has gone from Helvecio to Rowan. Waiting on report and more to be done by next week/meeting.

2. TOS had a few changes. Ruth to submit to the CLT.

3. FAQs and Rules for Submission has been consolidated and revised a lot. Team to review and once complete posted.

4. Helvecio to do an ad for the JWC slideshow

5. The team put together a plan to review all listings on the directory. This will take a while but the listings need to be gone through and make sure the groups are active and their sites work and all is sticking with the TM and JUG Team rules.

6. Jenn stepping down as team lead. I'll be staying on the team just not as lead. We're currently looking for a new team lead.