By Private Profile 3eb722a8 on 2020-08-18 18:14 in Joomla User Groups Team

The meeting started with Brian Ronnow talking about what the group should work.

We will have meetings in the group every second month.

We need all JUG organisers help other groups, with topics or anything else that can make a better jug.

We should make an updated list of speakers, further detailed information will come as soon we have agreed on what should be on that list.


Philip Walton talked about how the JUG London did meeting in the Corona time.

Usually they talk about two different topics.


Benjamin Trenckle talked about how short presentations can make the attendees listen more and be more active. Its is also called PetchaKutcha


Then there was open for talk.

We talked about how often we should meet and agreed every two month at different times.

Then the invitation should come out with the email and not just on glip.


Every participant made a presentation of them and their jug.