By Todd Woodward on 2022-01-26 19:02 in Joomla User Groups Team

Goals for 2022

  • Regularly Scheduled (quarterly) JUG Organiser Meetings

  • Develop process for JUG approval

    1. Develop an approval checklist

  • Set processes for ticket response.

    1. Develop updated documentation and possible video instructions for the process

  • Standards for JUG logo and correct usage.

  • Updating JUG documentation

  • 2023 - set up the ability for JUGs to make certain updates without ticketings.

Items for January 21, 2022

  1. Review of current tasks in process

  1. Develop JUG logo and site branding standards. Joomla Registered Usergroup logo should link back to’s User Group page

    1. Philip Walton will design the logo. He will discuss with Luca Marzo, and OSM will have to review. Laura Gordon: Philip and Claire are working on the logo.

    2. Todd Woodward: Talk to OSM about bringing in JUG Team when correcting a JUG for improper trademark use

    3. Joomla YouTube channel: way for JUGs to get their videos

  2. Processing Trouble Tickets - Todd Woodward will discuss with Ahmad Moussa

    1. Ahmad Moussa currently closing tickets - show team how to close tickets

    2. Uses RSTicketsPro

      • Wilco has granted expanded access to JUG Team members

    3. Need to create a document, and process video to shop/demo steps

  3. February JUG Organiser Meetings

    1. How to connect to JUG Organisers about the Meeting - ACY Mailing

    2. How many JUGs participated in both meetings? 

    3. We should ask the attendees what they would like the JUG Team to do for them.

    4. As per Laura: low RSVP response. Need to consider a mid-week meeting for the May-June event.

    5. Laura Gordon will send her post to the Social Media team

    6. JUG Team members need to notify their organiser contacts about these meetings

  4. New Business

    1. Discussed possibility of moving meeting times to suit some team members during certain months.

    2. We should be sensitive to the notification channels for the JUGs (social, as well as email).

    3. Olivier Buisard’s Virtual JUG (Joomla Extension Developers JUG) is approved by JUG Team.

    4. Need to set an interim meeting with Ahmad Moussa to walk through the process of working tickets.

Next meeting: February 18, 2022 at 1730 UTC