By Jennifer Gress on 2016-02-16 20:46 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:

Jenn Gress
Djamel Kherbi
Brian Ronnow
Rowan Hoskyns-AbrahallDuke Speer


Saurabh Shah
Ruth Cheesley
Helvecio da Silva

No shows:

Eric Lamy
Alejandro Pascoli
Bruce Valle
Michelle Bisson
Marco Richter

1. Discussed new listings. Helvecio to work on Manitoba, Jenn to work on Catania.

2. Considered new member applicants.

3. Directory review status: Djamel is working on South America. Jenn is flailing on working on the US. Osbert did his review of countries, they need to be reviewed by team members and tickets created.

4. We want to do a newsletter once the new directory is live.

5. New Directory Check-in: Rowan, Radek and Sigrid got to work together after JDay UK. They couldn't actually do testing work because of issues with the hosting company and needing a CLT member with access to CJO. What they were going to do was merge a copy of the Events site into Rowan's sandbox. Once that happens they'll iron it all out and it will be sucked into the main install of

JUG listings WILL be migrated into the new directory. Then JUG owners will need to claim the listing. Users will not be migrated. Once this is all set, we'll email the users from ACYMailing and have them create new users (which will be for both Events and JUGs) and they will claim their listing, the JUG team will assign it and onwards.

Radek is going to move Events into the sandbox. Rowan will fine tune templates.

Still need someone on CLT with access to help with the content and what needs to move over.David Jardin is willing but doesn't have proper accesses.

6. Also discussed possibilities with new shop.