By Todd Woodward on 2024-01-09 17:02 in Joomla User Groups Team


JUG Team Meeting - Thursday, 22nd June 2023
Attendees: Davide Messia, Laura Gordon, Marc Studer
Meeting Summary
In the meeting, the group discussed the Joomla User Group and upcoming events, with Laura suggesting rescheduling the meeting until Todd's availability is confirmed. Laura informed Mark about the session for JUG leaders on June 29th and asked him to spread the word about the Joomla organizer meeting. During the meeting, it was announced that a meeting had been scheduled for May 2023 in Toulouse with other people virtually, and Laura suggested ending the meeting and waiting for Todd's availability to schedule the next meeting. Marc will take the subscribe link and push it in the Joomla Mattermost group of friends, as agreed with Laura.