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In attendance:

Jenn Gress

Djamel Kherbi

Eric Lamy

Ruth Cheesley

Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall


Brian Ronnow

No shows:

Helvecio da Silva

Saurabh Shah

Alejandro Pascoli

Bruce Valle

Michelle Bisson

Duke Speer

Marco Richter


  1. The email has been sent out to all the user group contacts (primary and secondary) advising of the update to the terms.  Mail went out via Mailchimp list but in future we will use the integrated system being developed alongside the new JUG directory.

  2. Discussion on the outreach strategy document that has been put together by Eoin Oliver/RC with ideas/brainstorms on ways of improving communication with JUGs, encouraging more outreach etc.

    Would have been better to see it earlier in the process and have collaborative discussions before moving forward with writing email copy.

    There is potential for some interesting projects, the team discussed that this would work best with the previously suggested roles of assistant team lead for the directory and the outreach side of things.

    To aim toward having these roles established within the team before taking on these projects.  The team appreciated the work that Eoin had put into the development of the ideas.  He’s currently doing some work on Acymailing and will hopefully continue to have involvement.

  3. Discussion about the budget request which needs to be made by March - what aspects the JUG team might need to apply for.  Examples might include gifts for user groups, travel to support new user groups starting or encourage user groups, and attendance at official Joomla events.  JG and DK to work on a budget request, RC and RH to support with previous budget requests and assistance as needed.

  4. RH is working hard on the migration, it’s very complex due to the different sites being merged.

    RH has a full link audit to work from so that we can make the required redirects, and is working a process for merging the different user bases into one.

    Data will be migrated from Mosets over to the new system, the events directory will run on the same Sobi instance which now has back-end ACL which makes things much easier.  The helpdesk will also be migrated and other teams could then make use of it as well.

    RC to follow up with Sander Potjer regarding JoomlaConnect and how this might be brought over - maybe as com_weblinks with categories - would need to consider ongoing maintenance.

  5. DK has been unanimously voted as team lead for the JUG team, announcement has gone up on here:

    Shirat has also been voted as a new team member who will be on-boarded in the coming weeks.

  6. A new Glip room has been created for active contributors who are working with the JUG team on projects - this is called JUG Contributors.

  7. The ongoing project of reviewing the JUG directory and removing listings for user groups who are no longer active, or requesting updates to broken links, has taken a big leap forward.  The current contributors have generated around 50 reports which the JUG team will be reviewing and dealing with over the coming days.