By Todd Woodward on 2024-01-19 16:35 in Joomla User Groups Team

Date: Thursday, 18th January 2024, 13:59- 14:58 GMT-05:00
Attendees: Davide Messia, Laura Gordon, Todd Woodward, Abdulkadir Shehu

Meeting Summary

During the User Group Meeting, Laura mentions that 13 people have signed up for the meeting and lists the names of the attendees. She also discusses the process of requesting a logo for a Joomla user group and suggests creating a YouTube channel for user groups to find speakers. Laura talks about different formats and flows for JUGs and encourages all JUGs to participate in the Pizza, Bugs and Fun event. In the Zoom Meeting Logistics, Laura mentions using the provided Zoom link and talks about creating a registration form to collect email addresses. Laura mentions having a cheat sheet with all the different links and the need to revisit Todd rebuilding a spreadsheet. In the Joomla User Group Organizers Meeting, Todd appreciates Laura for organizing the meeting and Laura explains the purpose of the meeting. They discuss documentation tasks and issues withmissing profile pictures and login. Participants decide to remove and update certain documents and answer specific questions related to JUG and FAQs. They also discuss snacks, dinner time, sleeping habits, cultural differences, language learning, and editing a document. Laura plans to make changes to theuser group documentation and discusses the possibility of JUGs meeting in person or virtually. They also discuss the idea of organizing a different event called Joomla Camp and share stories about chicken soup.

Next steps

 * Laura mentions that Todd has not uploaded the documents.

 * Multiple speakers mention that Ahmad has been answering tickets and  activating the jugs.

 * Laura suggests posting meeting notes.

 * Davide emphasizes the need for reviewing AI-generated notes before posting.

 * Laura mentions that Todd has been posting meeting notes.

 * Laura promises to log in and check the issue with missing pictures.

 * Davide assigns himself the task of reviewing and updating specific documents.

 * Laura mentions that she is working on editing the FAQ page and aims to finish it by the end of the day.

 * Laura plans to make changes to the user group documentation, including adding comments, updating the user group name, and specifying the number of contacts and meetings per year.