By Todd Woodward on 2024-03-21 16:40 in Joomla User Groups Team

Date: Thursday, 21st March 2024, 14:00- 14:30 GMT-04:00

Attendees: Abdulkadir Shehu, Laura Gordon, Todd Woodward

Meeting Summary

During the Joomla Day event, Laura Gordon provided details about the sessions and presenters. Abdulkadir Shehu agreed to share the discount code with his students, but mentioned the difficulty of attendance due to a festival and fasting during Ramadan. Laura asked Abdulkadir to remind his students about the availability of recordings and shared the discount code. They discussed promoting the event and Laura expressed concern about using Facebook, suggesting messaging interested students instead. They decided to wait until May for the next meeting and have a separate meeting with Ahmed to address communication issues. They also discussed scheduling meeting dates and accommodating different time zones. Abdulkadir expressed concern about introducing people to Joomla and Laura suggested inviting passionate users to present at sessions. Laura mentioned the Joomla magazine and conference, including articles, interviews, and sessions related to Joomla. She also mentioned the Pizza, Bugs and Fun event in Kenya and discussed Daylight Savings Time and upcoming events. Laura suggested sharing content from the Joomla Day Facebook page.

Next steps

 * Abdulkadir Shehu agrees to share the discount code with his students and mentions the difficulty of attendance due to the festival and fasting during Ramadan.

 * Laura Gordon asks Abdulkadir Shehu to remind his students about the availability of recordings and shares the discount code for students.

 * Abdulkadir Shehu asks if he can share the discount code on his Facebook and Laura Gordon suggests messaging the code to interested students instead.

 * Abdulkadir suggested Todd have a separate meeting with Ahmed to address the issue of not being able to update JUG listings.

 * They discussed finding a different day for the meetings and agreed to ask the three people in the room for their availability.

 * Todd plans to talk to Ahmad and catch up.