By Jennifer Gress on 2016-03-15 19:49 in Joomla User Groups Team

In Attendance:

Djamel Kherbi
Jenn Gress
Thomas Khal
Brian Ronnow


Ruth Cheesley
Eric Lamy
Saurabh Shah
Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall

No Show:


Light meeting today.

1. Review of pending listings. Most are over the deadline and we just need to move them through. A light whip cracking on members to follow through.

2. Talked about and assigned 10 reports to each team member so that they are reviewed and processed. This is thanks to the awesome work of our contributors (Luca, Fred, Osbert, Davide, and Irene) who did the initial review and reporting of JUG Listings that need attention.

3. Submitted a very rough budget to the CLT for the coming year.