By Private Profile 0adfdec2 on 2016-05-17 00:00 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance: Jenn Gress, Ruth Cheesley, Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, Djamel Kherbi, Helvecio Da Silva

Apologies: Duke Speer, Thomas Kahl

No-Show: Eric Lamy, Saurabh Shah, Alejandro Pascoli, Bruce Valle, Brian Ronnow, Shirat Goldstein, Michelle Bisson, Marco Richter

Meeting started on time

  1. Listings

    1. Working through the directory migration so no listings to process.

  2. Rowan - update on progress

    1. Migration and cleanup of users is pretty much done

    2. Ticket created when the JUG is created, back and forth to get approval, then users are created into the JUG Owners ACL and the listing is raised.

    3. Custom fields - need to set them up, and we need to determine what they can add and what they can edit themselves

    4. There will be full versioning so we can see what has changed.

    5. Required fields will be enabled when we go live - when people log in they will have to update their listing to include their required fields before any listing will be saved

      1. Discussion on required fields

      2. Discussion on which fields need to be locked down and only changed by the JUG team (user will need to raise a ticket to open discussion)

        1. Name of group

        2. First contact & email

        3. Second contact & email

        4. URL fields

        5. Social media fields

      3. Which fields people can see

        1. Team - internal notes, ™ notes

        2. JUG Organisers - historical notes to team

    6. Rowan will create documentation video and text which will be in the knowledgebase of the helpdesk, so that they can be live-searched when submitting a ticket.

    7. Terms and Rules will need to be linked and accepted when they submit their first ticket (e.g. raise the request to start a JUG) at the same time as the acceptance of the requirements for creating a JUG.

    8. Languages - currently two fields for english & meeting language, but when we go fully multilingual we will need to bring those fields over to the native language.  Ideally do this as a rolling process one language at a time.

    9. Team are to work through cleaning up the blog posts - not hugely critical but we need to tidy things up. Read less text plugin is shortening if a readmore isn’t present.

    10. We will likely be able to launch the new migrated site at JAB Make it Happen.