By Jennifer Gress on 2015-06-02 19:44 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:

Helvecio (a bit late)

We discussed listings and how many there are and how few people we have on the team working listings. Talked about a different way to assign team members new listings and listing updates as they come in so they are touched within 48 hours of receipt if at all possible. A Directory Assistant Lead would be helpful in this regard and could assign appropriate people to listings as they come in.

Finding new members: we discussed putting a call out for more team members. The blog post we tacked the call out got lost in the shuffle of the Joomla! restructuring so no one paid much attention. Jenn to put out a message in Glip to the JUG organisers and Directory working group to attemp to generate interest and get more members.

Talked about Eric's training. Ruth attempting to set up times with him.

Talked to Helvecio about his pending listing and what is going on in his life which isn't allowing him to take on as much at this time. He is also working on some revised responses for JUGs when they submit a listing. What we have been using is confusing and out of date so this is welcomed.

Reviews: We have a few reviews to do and some check in's with people who are inactive at this time. Jenn to get started on this.

New JUG Directory: Ruth gave us an update on what great work happened at J and Beyond 2015. Wonderful work happening there. Yay! See the JUG Directory Working Group here on the volunteer site for minutes on the happenings with the JUG Directory Working Group.