By Jennifer Gress on 2015-06-18 18:24 in Joomla User Groups Team

In attendance:

Jenn Gress
Eric Lamy
Alejandro Pascoli

We discussed the new applicants for the JUG Team and the final votes and decided to invite four of the five to the JUG Team. The fifth is new to Joomla and will be connected with a local JUG and the docs team to potentially help there and maybe in the future become a JUG Team member when he has more experience with JUGs and Joomla.

We also discussed how to proceed getting the Organiser mailing list through mailchimp updated and how to maintain that list so that we can send regular newsletters out to JUG Organisers.

Jenn to get in touch with Son about training.

Ruth to train Eric 17 June.