This Working Group conducts Market and User research - both of Joomla community members as well as the wider market - in order to provide meaningful data to guide strategies and decision making for Joomla as a whole as well as for individual Joomla teams.

In order to achieve its mission, this working group is looking for volunteers. Contact us at marketing[at] to join and help.


Marketing & Communication
Date Started
November 2017
Joomler Position Role Date Started
8045_david-steadson.jpg David Steadson Sweden Team Leader Jan 2020
f8c5_Ahmad-Moussa-Picture.jpg Ahmad Moussa Saudi Arabia Member Feb 2020
anibal-sanchez.jpg Anibal Sanchez Spain Member Dec 2017
90da_dlmdn.jpg Dror Lamdan Israel Member Feb 2020
parth-lawate.jpg Parth Lawate India Contributor Feb 2020
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
b4be_profilepic.jpg Crystal Dionysopoulos Greece Team Leader Jan 2020 Jan 2020
373b_Puneet_Kala_SLack.jpg Puneet Kala India Member Nov 2017 Jan 2020
parth-lawate.jpg Parth Lawate India Member Aug 2018 Jan 2020
240c_brian-mitchell.jpg Brian Mitchell United States Member Dec 2017 Jan 2019
parth-lawate.jpg Parth Lawate India Team Leader Nov 2017 Aug 2018

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If you're an existing Joomla community user, you can find us on Glip - User Research & Strategy - Marketing. Otherwise contact marketing[at] 

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