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Joomla VET Meeting Minutes

16th December 2019 6pm UTC

Scheduled length of time: 1 hour

Participants: Brian Mitchell, Jaz Parkyn, Vikas Pisal, Eric Lamy, David Aswani, Niels Braczek, Chris Keen, Daniel Dubois, Marco Dings, Luca Marzo

Apologies: Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Justina Michallek.



This was the first meeting in text format using Glip instead of voice.  Team members have complained about the meeting format. Jaz has put motion for holding meetings again in voice format. This is voting.

Motion: Future meetings to be held in a live voice format.

For: 7 (Jaz Parkyn, Eric Lamy, Chris Keen, David Aswani, Marco Dings, Vikas Pisal, Daniel Dubois)

Against: 0

Abstain:2 (Niels Braczek, Brian Mitchell)

The motion was unanimously approved with 2 absentations.


Vikas put forward suggestion to use Glip as additional channel to ask questions, doubts etc. The suggestion is accepted unanimously. 


Volunteer signature is again available for review. Volunteers are requested to comment on it.


More information about the X-mas and New Year's card and Joomla!- Forum for the future event should be available this week.

Volunteers can opt-out from the cards by unchecking ‘I allow the Joomla project to use my address to send me things like rewards, stickers, t-shirts and other goodies. We won’t send you marketing or other related material.’ on their Joomla Volunteer profile.


Jaz and Chris are in the process of re-writing the FAQ as it doesn’t read well and there are a lot of things that need to be reworded so that they sound friendly and inviting. 


Brian will write two documents, one for new volunteers and one for new leaders under the on-boarding program. All members have agreed to imparting  Joomla values to volunteers and adhering to them. Brian needs someone to help him in making the documents. Team members have given some suggestions, Brian will contact the individuals. 


Eric has moved his topic to the next VET meeting. 

VET 2019 Review

  1. Vikas took over the team in March 2019. He has initiated on-boarding program
  2. Jaz restructured the team after a long dormant period and invited each of the department leaders to choose someone from their department to join the team as a representative.
  3. Team is holding meetings regularly. Joomla! Community is aware of its existence now.
  4. Basic team structure is ready.
  5. VET has now formulated processes and strategies for recruitment. They are under review and will be finalised soon.
  6. Member statistics. Current strength 10 members and 2 contributors.
  7. More information: