By Jaz Parkyn on 2020-02-10 18:09 in Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team

Participants: Brian Mitchell, Chris Keen, Daniel Dubois, David Aswani, Davide Messia, Jaz Parkyn, Luca Marzo, Marco Dings, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Vikas Pisal

Apologies: Darek Snieg, Eric Lamy, Justin Michallek, Laura Gordon, Niels Braczek

Department Coordinator - Jaz Parkyn

Welcome to our new team members!

FftF Review

    1. Report available on VJO:

    2. Following on from FftF, I have reached out to the Events Department Coordinator and the JUG Organisers group for feedback about the JUG reformat proposal; I will update the team when I know more.

VET Team Leader elections 2020

    1. Nominations due before 8th February

    2. Anonymous voting will take place between 8-15th February - candidates recommended to post manifestos

    3. New team lead announced on 16th February

    4. 2 week transitional period, with the new team lead officially starting their 1 year term on 1st March 2020

Proposal to create template replies for emails coming from VJO that have a friendly language and are inviting - this is our opportunity to get to know someone and help place them into the right team. Whilst we do have processes, it should be more than just asking for their resume - this is a scenario where we shouldn’t go straight into formal business mode. We need our replies to be heart-felt, upbeat and positive - at the end of day they are asking to join our community, and it’s our responsibility to help find their place within it.


Vikas Pisal:
VET 2019 report

Laura Gordon & Chris Keen

Update: FftF2020 Re-engage & Re-ignite - Content Manager Exam initiative. Laura and Chris are working on  a document over the What, Why, Who and How. We are now working the information for the first deadline: ‘February 21, 2020 - Further define the concept and present a feasibility study’.  They have started to define the exam content at Subject level and the possible format for the exam and the dependencies, for example the new Certification platform.  They are making good progress and have said that they will be able to meet the first deadline.