By Davide Messia on 2020-03-09 22:23 in Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team


Volunteer Engagement Team Meeting Agenda 

March 2nd, 2020 at 18:00:00  UTC

Scheduled length of time: 1 hour

Participants: Andrea Gentil, Chris Keen, Darek Śnieg, Davide Messia , Jaz Parkyn, Laura Gordon, Vikas Pisal, Brian Mitchell, Justina Michallek

Apologies: Niels Braczek, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Luca Marzo, David Aswani, Daniel Dubois, Marco Dings, Eric Lamy.

Discussion points:

Pizza, Bugs and Fun (PBF)

  1. Involve JUG organisers to help raise awareness and increase involvement
  2. Liaise with Social Media team to see if the advertisement video can be improved to help attract a wider audience
  3. Work with PBF organisers to find more ways of making the event more accessible, ideas included: differing levels of activities based on user skillset and level, structured agendas
  4. Debate around the possibility of a name change to make it more attractive to users who aren’t developers.

Joomla Magazine

  1. Proposal of new section to focus on JUGs and their activities. Name suggestions include: ‘JUG Spotlight’, ‘JUG of the Month’. Content to include an overview of their last meeting accompanied with images, as well as details of their next event
  2. Proposal of new section to help bring attention to events, past and upcoming. Name suggestions include: ‘Event Focus

Joomla 'Proud'

  1. Develop a graphic and invite volunteers to post it on their social media accounts on a specified day to saturate the channels and hopefully trend for the chosen hashtag
  2. Maybe combine it with a tag chain. Eg. ‘My Top 10 Joomla People’
  3. Coordinate with the Social Media Team to define the target and focus.
  4. Look into creating a profile frame that can be applied to profile photos on Facebook.