By Davide Messia on 2020-12-22 14:18 in Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team

Help Wanted Project


December 18, 2020


Team Members:

Laura Gordon, Chris Keen, Patrick Jackson, Davide Messia, Benjamin Trenkle



Laura Gordon, Patrick Jackson, Davide Messia, Elisa Foltyn, Shirielle Williams, Justine Ayebale



We wanted to interview various people that have different involvement levels in the joomla project.  Some people that we met with are not involved in volunteering at all, others are already involved in a Joomla team.  Our goal was to learn from listening, and not just a ‘generic survey’.  We wanted to find patterns in pain points.  Did it matter if the person was a ‘coder’ or just a ‘content editor’?  Were their volunteer patterns and goals the same?  Were their stress points the same?


In the numbers:

17 people have been interviewed to date.


Current Plan:

From the results of our interviews Laura Gordon will be putting together Personas and Journey Maps for the following different ‘types’ of our volunteer community being those that are ‘currently a designated volunteer, someone who has never officially volunteered, and someone who may have volunteered in the past, but is no longer volunteering.  These personas and journey maps may help our project in determining how the help wanted page can really assist people in finding something that they find fulfilling in the joomla project.



By early January 2021 we will have the personas / journey maps complete, then we will begin working with the teams to determine what we can do for the help wanted page to make it better for all.