By Viktor Vogel on 2017-08-04 07:34 in Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team

Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team (VET)

Date: 28 July 2017 - Time: 3:00 pm UTC
Participants: Viktor Vogel, Yves Hoppe, Sandra Thevenet, Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, Luca Marzo,

Kickoff Meeting


  1. Introduction – meet your new best buds
  2. Project – why are we doing this?
  3. Scope – what are we doing?
  4. Approach – how are we going to make this happen?
  5. Roles – who is doing what?
  6. Teamwork – how are we going to work together?
  7. Next – how do we keep momentum?
  8. Tasks - Important tasks

Discussion outline

1. Introduction

Viktor welcomed the team and introduced the meeting. The Volunteers Engagement Team list has been updated on the Joomla! Volunteers Portal

2. The Program

The purpose of this program is to work on the three R: Retention - Recognition - Recruitment. As project Joomla! sees lot of volunteers coming and leaving, we need to improve the retention and the recognition of our volunteers. Then we’ll focus on the Recruitment. This Program is structured with a Subteam for each “R”. Yves shared a document related to the Recruitment subteam.

3. Scope

To work on Retention and Recognition, the Project will implement an online platform to collect and analyze feelings and feedbacks from users across the whole project. Yves and Rowan to attend a meeting with the platform vendor and provide a to-do list afterwards. The Volunteers Engagement Program Team is responsible for the platform implementation and execution.Sandra suggested also to use a dedicated twitter account to publicly send greetings to the Joomlers who contributed (this account exists, Sandra and Sander have already discussed about activating it).

4. Approach

Team will use a GitHub repository to track all the pending activities and tasks. All team members have access to the repository. A public GitHub repository will give the community the chance to ask questions and contact the VET team.
In the beginning of August, the team will held a meeting to collect initial questions for the platform integration of Peakon. Specific questions will be coordinated directly with the team leaders. Surveys will be evaluated by the VET team and help the team to understand the situation better and act accordingly.

5. Roles

Rowan was elected to be the Assistant Team Lead.

6. Teamwork

The team is using Glip and GitHub to communicate with each other.

7. Next Steps

Concrete next steps of the team will be:

  • Integration of the online platform
  • Create initial questions for the surveys
  • Improvements to JVP (e.g. email to newly registered Joomlers - Sander involved)
  • Collect issues / tasks in the private repository

8. Tasks

  • JVP - Prepare an email to send to the newly registered Joomlers to see if they can contribute and in which area (include links to open positions / call for volunteers)
    • How can this be achieved? How to handle the emails efficiently?
  • List of tasks to implement the new Engagement platform.
  • Set up meeting to discuss and collect initial questions for the surveys
  • Set up GitHub repository properly with required permissions, labels...
  • How can we gather contact data of newly involved people in the Joomla! GitHub repository?
  • Think about possible campaigns to increase awareness of JVP and VET Team

(Agenda inspired by