By Sander Potjer on 2018-01-08 19:37 in Volunteers Portal Team

Date: 8 January 2018 - Time: 16:30 UTC
Participants: Roland Dalmulder, Sander Potjer, Zaki Abdullah 
Apologies: Kumar Venkatesh, Mihir Chhatre, Yves Hoppe


Github Issues


New features:

  • Mailing address field #143 
  • Automatically remove/hide "open positions" when a team is archived #162
  • 200-status check for profile links #161

In progress:

  • Advisory Board #160
  • Integrate signature of CoC & JCA #110


  • 3 issues opened since the last meeting
  • 7 issues have been closed since the last meeting
  • 7 open issues (3 waiting for input)

Moderation updates

The new public report button is working well, more profiles being reported. +/- 20 past month. All reports have been processed. The team leaders have been asked to review the open positions and close them if needed.

The moderators will actively review the Joomler profiles next month to remove company/spam listings.

We discussed to reduce the visibility of Joomler profiles, to prevent people creating a profile just for backlinks. The outcome of this discussion is to display active volunteers only by default on the Joomlers page. A toggle will be available to display all profiles. An active volunteer is a person that is active on one team at least.

OSM Board requests

The board asked the team to participate in the bi-weekly Peakon surveys by the Joomla project. Some members reported not receiving the surveys. To receive the survey you need to enable it in your profile on the Volunteers Portal.


No specific remarks about the team communication. 


We discussed how to use the @joomlers twitter account. We will set up automatic tweets for team reports and will manually highlight open positions of teams at least twice a week. Besides the team reports no other automatic tweeting will take place.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for February 12th, 2018 - 16:30 UTC.