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The webservices workgroup has started to build an architecture that will integrate webservices (digital connectors with other data sources) in Joomla, planned for the release of Joomla 3.6.

The first steps are made to build a first version, based on proven component webservices solutions as well as with involvement of community members working with web-connectivity and Joomla on a daily base. 

As security and performance as well as flexibility, standardization are hot topics on this item the workgroup has decided to share a first introduction on this subject thru this writing. 

Introduction to Webservices

There are already Joomla website that use webservices in: 

  • Webshops that connect with suppliers.
  • News services bundle content from different sources to enrich there website content.
  • Portals collect data for its users to process and or create dashboards.

Webservices are used in Commercial, Governmental and Educational organizations.

Also there is the “Internet of Things” which needs webservices to connect application in order to exchange data. 

Rapid growth of webservices

Over the last couple of years we have seen a growth in the number of Joomla websites that use webservices and the outlook is that this will increase exponential, as the near future will ask for more and more applications to connect. 

Why webservices in Joomla?

  • The balance between the framework, CMS and component structure make it very powerful and useful for webservices. 
  • Joomla’s great market share in the none-blog, application framework space creates demand for this functionality. 
  • The last couple of years Joomla websites using applications with integrated webservices have become a fast growing market.

At this moment most of the developers use the component model to setup a connection. By creating a separate centralized standard docking point Joomla will be able to handle data and instruction in a more flexible way and bring down cost on webservices development and maintenance as well as better manage security.

For those using just the CMS it won’t be in there way, for those who want to connect to other CMS platforms or application it’s will be ready for use by setting up an entry which will manage the connection. 


- In 2012 a group of people started an initiative to investigate the possibilities of integrating web services in the Joomla Framework architecture in such a way Joomla could improve thru the use of webservices. 

- Medio 2014 development in webservices standards like “Rest” and architecture models as well as demand from a part of the community, made it a good moment to make a start with the integration in Joomla challenge a separate entry in the architecture for the webservice, option for multiple agents that are easy to configure.

- At J and Beyond in Prague, 2015 a start was made with coding based on an existing solution.

- January 2016 the project is on Github.

Next report

As soon as a first functional installable version is available an update report will follow. If there are people working with webservices and not yet being a part of the workgroup they are more then welcome to join.

To get the latest news join the Glip webservices group. On the upcoming Joomla events there will be presentations.