By Wilco Alsemgeest on 2020-05-31 20:21 in Webmasters Team

The webmasters team mainly consists of leaders and liaisons from other teams, with the purpose to effectively work together on all aspects of our properties and infrastructure.
The team meets as needed, because managing the properties is a daily task and communication is done through Glip, Mails and ADoodle.

Our reports will include general information, actions performed and motions taken over a period of time.
The reports will not be about just one meeting which is planned every month like most teams.


  • The TL requested team members to supply feedback on the standardization of Joomla Properties Backup structure and after processing a motion was conducted.

  • The TL requested the team to supply feedback on the standardization of Joomla User Configuration settings, like password length, characters, etc.

  • The TL found a data breach in one of the properties, for which a task force was composed. The report is published on:
  • The TL & DPO created a Joomla Mail Configuration Policy and has sent a Motion for the team to vote on.

  • An internal survey is being prepared to collect feedback for the creation of new guidelines, policies and information registry.

  • The TL created a Joomla User Configuration Policy together with Jaz, Tobias & Luca (including feedback from other volunteers). The policy is under review and a motion will be conducted.

Improvements / tasks / actions:

  • The Joomla Resources Directory has received a complete cleanup by Jaz & Wilco, which meant removing extensions not used or updated for years. Custom developed extensions not within organizational responsibility and not needed has been removed.
    Many more other needed actions performed in 3 working days, which weren't taken care of for the last few years.

  • The Compliance Team requested support with assessing the Joomla properties and the data collection, to finally provide our users with an updated privacy policy. The team did their best to collect everything within one week.

  • The Joomla Properties have been configured to run daily or weekly, monthly and yearly backups, in accordance with the approved "Joomla Backup Configuration" Policy.

  • The analysis phase has been started to possibly improve JOrg & CJO.

  • An audit has been performed on the VEL website by the JED TL & ATL together with DPO & Webmaster TL. Needed actions are defined, no data breaches found.

Motions taken in Webmasters Team:

  • #2020/001 - Joomla Backup Configuration Policy.
    14 Voters - Yes, 11 votes / No, 0 votes / Inattentive, 3 persons.
  • #2020/002 - Joomla Mail Configuration Policy.
    14 Voters - Yes, 10 votes / No, 0 votes / Inattentive, 1 person / Attentive not voted, 3 persons.

Motions taken in Operations Department Meeting (May 14, 2020):

See report:

  • No requirement for monthly meetings, but required to provide monthly reports.
  • Feedback within the Webmasters Team will be collected by mail and/or surveys, with a defined deadline of at least 1 week. (Any Department TL & ATL can start this communication flow).
  • All decisions to be done which involves all sites, infrastructure, work methods and thus basically everything not related to just one website, must be done by motion.

Reports published by Webmaster team members: