By Private Profile 7248ce51 on 2020-09-30 23:50 in Webmasters Team

The webmasters team mainly consists of leaders and liaisons from other teams, with the purpose to effectively work together on all aspects of our properties and infrastructure.
The team meets as needed, because managing the properties is a daily task and communication is done through Glip, Mails and ADoodle.

Our reports will include general information, actions performed and motions taken over a period of time.
The reports will not be about just one meeting which is planned every month like most teams.


  • We are supporting the Events department in creating a new JUG Directory and Event Directory within the Community website.

  • We are supporting the Legal & Finance department in improving the Partners and Sponsors information on JOrg and Community website.

  • A new and improved Service Providers Directory is being designed (together with Legal) to consume the Resources Listing website and provide more options for the Joomla Service Providers in the world.

  • Tobias Zulauf is creating a special GitDeploy plugin to automatically deploy changes from GitHub to our sites.

Improvements / tasks / actions:

  • Supporting Hugh (Legal), to define, configure and test the Advertisement structure based on BuySellAds as decided by the board.

  • The “Identity Access Management” policy which is required according to the Joomla Property Management article 8 (  has been created and a motion will be conducted.

  • The "Privacy & Security Settings" policy has been created and is being finalized depending on other topics.

  • A htaccess baseline has been created to be used on the Joomla based properties (websites).

  • The htaccess baseline and currently used version on the following websites are merged.
    Magazine, Community, Foundation, Certification and OSM.