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The webmasters team mainly consists of leaders and liaisons from other teams, with the purpose to effectively work together on all aspects of our properties and infrastructure.
The team meets as needed, because managing the properties is a daily task and communication is done through Glip, Mails and ADoodle.

Our reports will include general information, actions performed and motions taken over a period of time.
The reports will not be about just one meeting which is planned every month like most teams.


  • We are working on making IPv6 available for all websites services including CDN.
    The process involves multiple suppliers and will be performed in phases.
    Rochen has prepared all servers and are creating the "AAAA" records for the websites, we are looking for a new CDN provider with IPv6 support, researching what changes are needed to use Amazon with IPv6 as well.

  • We are looking at the possibilities to join the Cloudflare OpenSource sponsorship program, which will give us the possibility to make our CDN IPv6 compatible as well.

  • The team is analysing with Rochen what actions are needed for server OS and MySQL upgrades.

  • The team is defining the future way of using SSL / TLS Certificates, the current one expires in May 2021 and new certificates are only valid for one year.

  • Wilco has been elected as Operations Department Coordinator, the team will discuss the team structure and take the appropriate actions.

Improvements / tasks / actions:

  • The htaccess baseline and currently used version on the following websites are merged.
    Extensions, Resources, Showcase and Main Site.

  • All sites have been updated to report any Content Security Policy information to our sponsored platform.

  • The "Privacy & Security Settings" policy has been created and is being finalized depending on other topics.

  • The websites PHP version is being upgraded to PHP7.4 

  • The DNS has been prepared to enable Joomla to become a Brave Content Creator, awaiting account verification by the President and Treasurer. (