By Private Profile 2acc0fde on 2016-11-02 16:08 in Webmasters Team

Earlier this week we transitioned all downloads for Joomla! to our new downloads portal; this includes the file repositories and our update system.  This completes the initial build out of the downloads site and we will soon begin work on the next phases of this large project, which includes integrating all of the language packages for Joomla! as well as our official extensions.

In line with our plans to retire JoomlaCode, we have now unpublished all of the CMS' data from our JoomlaCode project.  All of the packages for every Joomla! release can be found on our new downloads portal.  All of the issues that were logged at JoomlaCode can be found in a static archive on the Developer Network.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to configure the server to redirect traffic to these new sources, we will continue looking into ways to accomplish these redirects.