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Meeting Notes: JWC team

Date/Time: 09 Feb 2016 19:00 - 21.15 CET
Location: Online

Recorder: Britta Stender

In Attendance: TJ Baker, Brian Peat, Britta Stender, Mathias Jensen, Ronni Christiansen, Mike Demopoulos

Not present: Jerri Christiansen, Søren Beck Jensen



  • Keynotes

  • Theme

  • AV budget

  • Budget

  • Financial Policy

  • Sponsors

  • JWC 17

  • Marketing

  • Website



We discussed the idea of having a theme for JWC16.

Several ideas, including plays on local themes such as the film industry and ‘sustainability’, as well as Joomla’s upcoming Webservices integration (and the ‘connected world’ it will provide) were considered.

The team agreed upon reaching out to local businesses, speakers and sponsors for further ideas. We will reach out to schools, advertising agencies, web agencies also non joomla specific ones, and make sure to target as wide an audience as possible.
We need some local volunteers to help out with the conference. TJ will contact the local Joomla user group (with 290 members) in order to find candidates for the tasks that needs taken care of.


AV budget

Brian received offers on AV equipment but so far they are nowhere within budget. Brian will continue seeking cost estimates from other local / regional resources.  
The team agrees upon recording all sessions if possible as this seems to be a factor of importance to the submitters.



Budget was reviewed and AV, t-shirts, programs, speaker payment, team travel, team hotel were adjusted.


JWC 17 location

The team agrees that a location in (.... sorry, you have to wait! ;) )  Two cities are currently under consideration.



It is clear for the team that we need a dedicated marketing person to be available all year round. We wish to have a clear plan and a dedicated contact for this.



The website needs an update. It was designed and built within 24 hours at JWC 15. We will reopen the design phase and after that implement the changes. A separate meeting will be held.
As soon as the location for JWC17 is decided, the design team will start the design process for next year's conference website. We wish to design and implement the site so that it is ready for revealing at the last day of JWC16.


Agenda suggestions for next meeting:

  • Final theme + categories for sessions.

  • Review the AV suggestions prepared by Brian.

  • Set a start date for call for speakers.



  • All: Find ideas for keynote speakers, theme and session categories

  • TJ: Reach out to local joomla user group in order to find local volunteers

  • Brian: Try and define a list of tasks we want volunteers for

  • Brian: Will continue to work on prices for AV equipment and come up with a suggestion for rental vs. purchase

  • TJ: Contact Jon to clear if we own any equipment (if so where is it) and to get access to the JWC starwood account points

  • Mike: Decide on a relevant conference that could be relevant for seeking out sponsors and or keynote speakers

  • Mike: Scan contracts signed at JWC15 and submit to OSM

  • Jerri, Mathias, Britta: Review the current website and improve the design/content

Next meeting: One month from now. Separate website meeting will be held.