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Meeting Notes: JWC team

Date/Time: May 2nd 2016 17:00 - 17:40 CET
Location: Online

Recorder: Britta Stender

In Attendance: TJ Baker, Ronni Christiansen, Britta Stender, Mathias Jensen, Mike Demopoulos, Matt Lenning

Not present:, Brian Peat, Jerri Christiansen



  • Todos from last meeting

We didn’t get an agenda up prior to this meeting, however, the purpose was mainly to follow up on our todo list. The team agreed to rotate responsibility for the Agenda. Britta will make sure to get the next one up 2-3 days before the next meeting.


The new sponsor packages got approved by the treasurer, Ronni, and the rest of the team. Mathias will design new icons for Mike to use in the print material.


Possible keynote speakers have been contacted. We are pending answer from most of them. 2 speakers have confirmed, 2 have declined as they are not available.


Ronni and TJ briefly mentioned the pros and cons for JWC17. TJ and Ronni will continue their research and present a finalised pros and cons list at the next meeting


We welcomed Matt Lenning to the team. TJ and Matt will take a quick call some other day to get him set up. Matt will have a look at the proposed theme ideas and make a suggestion at the next meeting.

Currently there is no marketing plan. The previous years marketing have been very loose / on the fly. So the first task for Matt to start working on would be a plan.


TJ and Ronni have reviewed and approved Mike’s budget for hosting con. Mike will be presenting a two hour workshop.


There has been no progress on the design for the new website. Britta and Mathias will try to get some done the following week. We will have to check up with Jerri on the progress. Deadline should be before JAB and not the 24th.



  • Britta: Set up agenda

  • Mathias: Deliver new sponsor icons for Mike

  • Britta + Mathias: Finish the design asap

  • Jerri: Website implementation deadline May 24th, preferably earlier.

  • Ronni + TJ: Finish pros and cons list for JWC17 locations

  • TJ + Matt: Will meet and get him set up

  • Jerri: Research which component to use for the programme at the website

  • Jerri: Contact volunteers regarding a conference app

  • Review the AV purchase suggestions prepared by Brian

  • All: Theme decision postponed till next meeting.