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Meeting Notes: JWC team

Date/Time: 28 Nov 2016 18:00 - 19:10 CET
Location: Online

Recorder: Britta Stender

In Attendance: TJ Baker, Brian Peat, Britta Stender, Mathias Jensen, Jerri Christiansen, Mike Demopoulos, Ronni Christiansen

Not present: Matt Lenning



  • Evaluation of the conference and teamwork

  • Venue

  • Team lead vote

  • Survey - attendees & sponsors

Evaluation of the conference and teamwork

All team members got a very good vibe from attendees and sponsors at the conference. Lots of positive (and constructive) feedback and sponsors willing to renew sponsorships.


Team notes for next years conference:

  • AV team needs access to the rooms 1 day ahead. Doing setup the night before doing the pre-event or early morning was not great.

  • The team discussed the option of inviting Nate Bauman & Tyler Mattingly (JWC16’s Av volunteers) to join us again in Rome, as their hard work and experience is valued.

  • The AV crates is still in Vancouver, Brian will make sure they get back safely. It might be an idea to allow AV lead to stay an extra day to sort out shipping and packing

  • Make a more extensive plan for the whole years assignments in order to get a better overview of the tasks at hand and delegation thereof.

  • More extensive todolist for individual team members on site.

  • Programme needs to get out way earlier from now on.

  • Call for speakers needs to start earlier.

  • Clear if JET will be available for JWC17 and make sure the process is started early on, so that everyone will be able to make the VISA requirements.

  • Website and material will be in both English and Italian, so the team will start scouting for local volunteers who can contribute to the team.

  • A SoMe and marketing plan should be created at the beginning of the year and again prior of the conference in order to ensure the best possible outcome. We had a lot of coverage this year, thanks to team member Matt Lenning and contributor Cliff Pfeifer. Unfortunately Matt will not continue next year, so we will have to find a new SoMe responsible to fill his place. Additionally we want to create a marketing position and on board 2-4 volunteer contributors during the conference to help out.

  • We wish to make keynotes and speakers feel more welcome by assigning someone as contract person and handler during the event and make sure every need is tended to.



Mike updated the team - we should receive the contract from the venue today or tomorrow.
We will need it in order to finish the charter for 2017.


Variations of ticket combinations and prices were discussed. This will be further discussed at the next meeting.



  • Matt is leaving the team, as he is not able to commit to the hours needed to meet the expectations for the overall SoMe plan.

  • Mathias is stepping down after 5 years of duty, and will encourage all designers to step up and fill his place.

  • Britta is leaving the team after 4 years of duty, to seek challenges elsewhere.

  • TJ will step down to assistant team leader as he might not be present at the conference in 2017.

  • Ronni has been voted team lead for 2017.


Several team positions, both as members and contributors will be posted on the volunteer portal with relevant requirements as to skill-set and experiences, in the near future. We would like to encourage former contributors as well as new “blood”  to seek the team positions.


The continuing team members would like to extend a warm thank you to the members who has decided to seek new challenges onwards for their work and efforts as well with a warm recommendation to any other team looking for hardworking members.



The team reviewed the survey Britta drafted. TJ will provide the introductory text and survey will be sent out at the latest wednesday. Sponsors will receive a questionnaire this year as well.



  • Britta: Finish survey

  • Followup with local attendees and be sure they are empowered to continue with their local JUG or Meetups, etc.

  • Brian: Post last videos

  • TJ: Text for the survey intro

  • Ronni: Drafting the roles and descriptions for team positions

  • Ronni: Project charter


Agenda suggestions for next meeting:

  • Ticket variations and individualization options

  • Venue options

  • Team roles and positions

  • Posting vacancies on the Volunteer Portal

  • JWC17 Charter - aiming to have it ready by February


Next meeting: Ronni will send out a doodle for the next meeting